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  1. TinaY

    Donuts still picking on Buckets

    It has been a month now😖. Buckets regularly has little wounds on his bum or redness from pulled out hair. They get along totally fine all day, they explore together during the floor time, they sit close to each other and chill out of their hideys in the cage. In the morning I saw chunks of hair...
  2. Z

    Boarding, fighting, separating

    Hello to everyone! I got a new Guinea Pig about two months ago, shes still young and wild. The others are 1-3 yrs old. At home in their very large cage they’ve all gotten along fine. No fighting or problems at all. I’m out of town and boarded them for a couple days so their temporary/travel...
  3. S

    How do i stop my guinea pig from nipping me?

    So i've had my two girls (alby ad birch) for about two months now and they're making really good progress: they're pretty comfortable with letting me pet them in their cage, will come right up to me to take food and such and for the most part are comfortable and happy being held. however one of...
  4. S

    Guinea pig finger holding

    Hello - I’ve tried to find info about this online but literally can’t find a thing. More recently my guinea pig will run up to the side of the cage when he sees me and if I put my finger through he holds it in his mouth shortly - not even nipping just holding it. Is there any significance to...
  5. Hannahb2804

    Sow behaviour

    Had two sows for roughly three weeks now and when they arrived Dougal was rumble strutting constantly and Luna was squeaking, then it stopped after a while and Luna was on heat so she began doing the same and trying to mount Dougal and then this stopped. All has been fine for a week or more...
  6. PaytonMichelle


    So I have 2 adorable boars and have had them for a little over a month now. I got them from petsmart so I don't know their true age but I think they are only a few months old based on their weight and popcorning often. Yesterday they nipped at one another for a minute then stopped and continued...
  7. Lachesism

    New pig likes to bite?

    I just got a new guinea pig about three days ago. She's not quite used to me yet but she sometimes lets me pet her and will eat from my hand. She used to hide when I approached the cage but now she's less afraid. I was excited to think I'm making progress with her but suddenly she starts...
  8. Zelsi

    Dominant Boar Taunting / Trying To "nip" Smaller Pig? Will He Calm Down?

    I have posted a couple of times before about my bonded boar pair Monty and Simba. Monty is dominant and 2.5 years old, Simba is 1 year old. They have been living together since November 24th 2017. My worry is Monty. He seems to be incredibly aggressive towards Simba. He does this thing where...
  9. Pig_mum

    Help! My New Guinea Pig Is Being Bullied

    I have two guinea pigs, Primrose (1 year and 2 months old) and Jemima (approx. 6 years old). I adopted Jemima with another guinea pig, Gordon, from Woodgreen Animal Shelter 4 years ago and due to a number of health complications, Gordon died in February 2016. So in the April of 2016, we got...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    1 To 2

    Right I've finally done it! Mo has a friend which he is currently getting acquainted to. (Mo has never looked soooo huge!) Okay so he seemed a little shocked at first and a bit jumpy. Then I got a little worried cos he kept nibbling the little ones fur and ears - one of which he caught and...
  11. Fuzz Pigs

    New Pigs Home... Nips, Bites, Squeaks And Bossy Pigs. Normal?

    Hello everyone, I brought my three rescue piggies home a couple of days ago and they've started to settle. Since they're not hiding constantly now like when they first got home, they've started to show some behaviours that I'm a little concerned about. The least concerning is one of my girls...
  12. Nat_Piggy

    Piggy Climbing!

    Hiya! I noticed that every time I have lap-time with S'mores, she'll sit on my lap for about one minute while I pet her, and then scramble up my shirt and onto my shoulder. She burrows into my hair. She will nip the back of my neck, although she rarely does that and usually just moves around...
  13. FayeM

    Rumbling And Bum Shaking

    hi I have 2 ten week old boars. One of them does a lot of rumbling and bum shaking/slow walking which I read was a mating thing but they are brothers is this normal? Also when the other doesn't respond he gives him a nip! Thanks in advance