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nose bleed

  1. G

    My Guinea Pig Had a Nose Bleed

    I had just checked the cage about 30 minutes prior to this incident and everything was fine. When I returned back to the cage to give them their dinner pellets, I saw blood all over the food bowl and around the hay feeder. One of my guinea pigs was just chilling in a corner of the cage, acting...
  2. SORIAH<3


    I'm new here and i saw something that scared me with my pet guinea pig , Brownie. I saw that a part of his nose was bleeding alot and it looked like it his nose was ripped :( What do i do? :/
  3. Piggy996

    Nose bleed

    I just noticed my pig's nose has red spots around, and I'm afraid if he had a nosebleed? I gave him a little bit of tomato a couple of hours ago but he didn't really like it so I think the red colour isn't from the tomatoes but from something else. I searched his fur and I didn't find any...
  4. Tinychels

    Boar bit in the nostil

    Hello! My boyfriend, Jesse, just recently bought a new piggy, named him Bambi. Jesse originally has 3 boars: the oldest is Cocoa, then comes Jorgi, and Cocoa’s son Niko. He tried introducing Bambi in a neutral area with the 3 boars, however also immediately Bambi and Cocoa started teeth...
  5. Alssa

    scratch on nose

    Ugh I hate that I’m posting on this thread twice in one week like a helicopter mom but I don’t know what to do. I got hole from work today and checked on Peggy and she had this bloody scab on her nose. I couldn’t find anything in her cage that would cause an injury like that, nothing with a...
  6. P

    Guinea Pig Got Hay Stuck In Nose

    About 10 minutes ago I heard my guinea pig start sneezing so I went to check on her only to find a piece of hay sticking out of her nose! I have absolutely no idea how she managed to get it stuck in there but thankfully it wasn't hard to pull out. Then her nose starting bleeding. It has stopped...