not pooping

  1. Hiimkrystle

    Piggy not pooping but eating/drinking

    My guinea pig is acting completely normal, munching away on hay as I type this, drinking water, took her vitamin c and digestive support pills this morning but she has not passed any poops for over twelve hours, since I cleaned her cage last night there is nothing new. What can I do? Is there...
  2. P

    Piggie not pooping

    Hi! My Piggie isn't pooping. She was pooping yesterday really well but today she seems to have stopped. She's not bloated, she's eating lots, and she's acting like herself. I do have cisapride for her but I know it's a hard medicine, should i give it to her (I have the dose and everything from...
  3. J

    strange behaviour in my piggie

    hi, new here, just looking for some advice. i have a 2 year old rescued guinea pig named oswald, and he has been concerning me for he past hour or so. he's never had any health issues or concerns prior. when he's eating his hay, not when eating pepper or anything else, he makes a sort of low...
  4. H

    Guinea Pig Peeing But Not Pooping

    So two nights ago around 11pm my female guinea pig started squeaking out of nowhere and we were not in the room or didn't even open the fridge to initiate. The squeaking sounded a little different than normal with a little hoarseness at parts if that makes sense. She had a full water bottle...
  5. J

    Possible Tumor/ Can't Walk

    Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me what might be wrong with my pig. Her name is Cookie and she's approximately 6 years old, we got her about a year ago and she has had chronic U.R.I that we have always treated. A few weeks ago we noticed her stomach was very hard, so naturally I did...