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not sure

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    I don’t know what to do

    My guinea pig was eaten by a big ole husky today. Outside my house I had a patch of grass I usually let my piggy’s eat from while I’m cutting grass. Today my neighbour took his dog out to walk and when he came back my brother got scared and the guy said “Don’t worry he is gentle dog” next thing...
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    Tumor?Not sure

    My guinea pig Charlie has been fine ever since that tooth problem, but as I was petting him, i felt a small lump on his right shoulder in his flab area.Does anyone know if this is an early stage of cancer? I feel like I’m overreacting a bit, but it’s not on the left side of his body either.I...
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    Yellow and fat tooth

    I’m not sure why his tooth is this way, it happened a week after he broke off both of his top teeth.I can’t afford going to an exotic vet and I’m not sure how serious it is, the web is very confusing because I couldn’t find any information on this.If you know what’s wrong with Charlie, Please...