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not walking

  1. I

    guinea pig scared and not moving to eat hay, feed or vegetables.

    Hi guys, my guinea pig is very scared, he doesn't want to walk, he just wants to stay huddled in the corner of the enclosure or inside a burrow, he gets scared of everything and doesn't want to walk to eat. What can it be? I know that if it persists I should go to the vet but I would like to...
  2. C

    Impaction or Injury?

    So just to star, I just got home from college so I have not been home in a month and I went to see my Guinea pigs (both male), and I noticed one wasn’t walking on his back legs just hopping and his back leg was sticking out a lot. He had a huge lump in the back towards his left hind leg so I...
  3. J

    Possible Tumor/ Can't Walk

    Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me what might be wrong with my pig. Her name is Cookie and she's approximately 6 years old, we got her about a year ago and she has had chronic U.R.I that we have always treated. A few weeks ago we noticed her stomach was very hard, so naturally I did...
  4. paulalovespiggies

    Help Needed - Piggie Dragging Back Feet & Maybe Uti?

    Ok, so if any of you saw my other thread under Specialist about a suspected Piggie sprain, you'll know my Pig has been poorly since June. So June was a suspected sprain. He started hobbling around one day and got gradually worse over a few days until he was refusing to walk. X rayed and all...