nursing sow

  1. H

    Female guinea pig - thick white discharge and blood in urine ?

    I’m Building a new bed in my room so I took the guinea pigs out and decided to clean them out while doing so. I’ve emptied their wood shavings out and left them in their empty c&c cage ready to move it back into my room so I can put new wood shavings in.. that’s how I’ve been able to see the...
  2. raining.ashes

    Nursing Sow Screams to get away from babies

    Honestly, I can't tell if it's a cry for help or food, but it still gives me a good laugh. Vivi, my 7 minth old mom of 4 new borns will stand and the middle of her cage and scream/wheek until I either feed her or take her away from the kids. After a while she starts wheeking again and I put her...