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nursing sow

  1. WheeksforWeeks

    Nursing Pig with Mites and Urine Scald

    Hello, first post here. This is in regards to my newest pig, Faye. We found Faye on Gumtree, she was well into her pregnancy and her other cagemates were picking on her so the owners decided to sell her. I have been keeping piggies for twelve years and have bought in plenty of pregnant pigs so I...
  2. Hnrpiggies

    Female guinea pig - thick white discharge and blood in urine ?

    I’m Building a new bed in my room so I took the guinea pigs out and decided to clean them out while doing so. I’ve emptied their wood shavings out and left them in their empty c&c cage ready to move it back into my room so I can put new wood shavings in.. that’s how I’ve been able to see the...
  3. raining.ashes

    Nursing Sow Screams to get away from babies

    Honestly, I can't tell if it's a cry for help or food, but it still gives me a good laugh. Vivi, my 7 minth old mom of 4 new borns will stand and the middle of her cage and scream/wheek until I either feed her or take her away from the kids. After a while she starts wheeking again and I put her...