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older piggy

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    Senior cavy and floor time

    Hello! I'm feeling a bit stuck with my 5 year old guinea pig penny. Shes in her senior years and in the past year she slowly began to dislike floor time more and more. I used to take her out, set up a bunch of two ended hides in her play pen, and place different veggies all over for her to go and...
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    Weight And Worry In An Older Pig

    Advice needed because I'm becoming obsessed with my older pig's weight and don't know what to expect as she ages. Rosie is 7 1/2 almost eight years old. She's always been a picky eater but when she likes it she eats a lot! She's always eaten a lot of fresh greens and veggies. Gradually she...
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    Elder Guinea Pigs Weight

    Is 920 grams a good weight for a sow around 5 years old?