1. jennag446

    Motility shot

    Hi everyone! One of my pigs passed away last month from osteodystrophy. She got the diagnosis the day before she passed. We had her at the emergency vet, and they gave her some sort of motility shot. It gave her a little lump on her neck but the vets said that was all completely normal. From the...
  2. Parnassus

    PSA: My Beloved Satin and Osteodystrophy

    A PSA, Ode to my beloved, and a BIG middle finger to unethical breeders. This is my beloved and our first/longest had guinea pig in the home. She's the one that started it all 3 years ago. She is such an important life to us. Yesterday, when we left her at the vets for x-rays and blood tests, I...