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outdoor house

  1. S

    How Cold Is Too Cold?

    Hi all, I have two lovely female piggies who I acquired earlier this year. They live outdoors, in a two level hutch that has mesh over 3/4 of the front, and then a 'bedroom' area with wooden walls all the way around so it's a bit more enclosed. I've been bringing them indoors when the...
  2. L

    Idea For Outdoor Home For 2 Boars...

    So I have found this hobbit hole on gumtree and was wondering if people think it would be fine. I currently have one boar, Drogo, but am hoping to adopt another very soon and then move them outside due to it getting nicer (Drogo goes out for the day anyway but don't want to put him out by...
  3. Cavy Kung-Fu

    I Want To Build A Piggy House!

    Hi guys, just looking for some advice as again, this is new territory for me! I've been looking at sheds/wendy houses/summer houses to be adapted into a piggy house for use in summer and winter, with loads of space to run around in, with the view of expanding my herd and with some sort of...