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  1. HeatherW

    Outdoor Run Recommendations

    Seeing as the nice weather is drawing closer, I've started looking at outdoor runs for my piggies. Do you have any recommendations? Ideally it would fold down so it can be stored away, but I obviously don't want it to be flimsy. Thank you!
  2. NatalieW

    Pigs Living Inside With Indoor Only Cats

    Hi everyone. My Mum has been looking after my two remaining elderly guinea pigs, who have always lived outside. she has brought them back to me today, and we both think they are too old and it is too cold for them to be outside now. Matilda has been acting very slow and I think its better if...
  3. S

    How Cold Is Too Cold?

    Hi all, I have two lovely female piggies who I acquired earlier this year. They live outdoors, in a two level hutch that has mesh over 3/4 of the front, and then a 'bedroom' area with wooden walls all the way around so it's a bit more enclosed. I've been bringing them indoors when the...
  4. A

    Best Place To Keep New Piggies?

    Hi, I am about to buy two new guinea pigs as the ones i had before have both now died. We have just had a garage built for our house and i was considering moving a hutch into the "open bay", as in, without a door. Is this sensible? Also, would i need to buy a cover for the hutch as they are...
  5. L

    Idea For Outdoor Home For 2 Boars...

    So I have found this hobbit hole on gumtree and was wondering if people think it would be fine. I currently have one boar, Drogo, but am hoping to adopt another very soon and then move them outside due to it getting nicer (Drogo goes out for the day anyway but don't want to put him out by...
  6. MollyB

    Outdoor Bedding: Help!

    Hi guys, I'm still very new to guinea pig owning and I need some help! I'm worried Teddy (my mostly blind guinea pig that lives outside) is getting bumblefoot. His back heels are starting to go red. Now, I'm pretty sure this is my fault for thinking his bedding is dry when it isn't, and also...
  7. MollyB

    Cleaning Up An Old Hutch

    Hi All! I've purchased a used hutch; the wood is still sturdy, but there's some urine staining around the wood on the bottom of the 2 levels. What's the best way to disinfect, and neutralise the scenting on the wood? I've seen some people use vinegar, bleach, disinfectant, but I'd really like...
  8. Sach15

    What Age Can Babies Go Outside?

    In good weather the adult guinea pigs go outside into a run with a hutch attached. Now olive has had the babies she stays in the shed during the day with the babies whilst the older girls go outside in the run. At what age can the babies start going outside with all of the other Guinea pigs? I...
  9. K

    Moving Piggies Outside

    I really need some advice. I have 2 girls. Since i got them (8 months ago) they've been in a cage in our house. However the cage is outside my room and i've become allergic. My allergies started in February when they must have been shedding? but they're really bad now. I constantly need my...