ovarian cysts

  1. Maryjames

    Surgery after 4 years old. Hampshire/Poole Area

    Hi all. I wanted to post my experience here to maybe help someone who is going through what I went through of not knowing what was best to do after finding ovarian cysts on my little girl Pickles. I first ntoticed the crusty nipples and they were slightly enlarged. Never having owned Guinea Pigs...
  2. M

    Is it just her time?

    Hello everyone, I have just created an account this minute as I really need your advice. (she has been to the vets lots of times for this) My 4yr old pig Maisy has ovarian cysts. She had surgery to remove everything but stopped breathing when the anaesthetic was given. So they stopped before...
  3. Stewybus


    Older sows can be prone to ovarian cysts & also bladder stones stuck in their urethra. Please check your girls regularly especially if they are making any unusual noises. It usually affects over 4 year olds more but isn’t unknown in 3 year olds. For ovarian cysts there are 2 things to look...