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pain medicine

  1. Cryptillian

    When to say goodbye?

    I hope it’s ok if I skip the usual care rundown since he’s terminal and I’ve done everything I can, I have been struggling so horribly with this because my grandma is also dying and one of our dogs has cancer as well. Going to start by saying Pumba is 7 1/2 years old and had a massive bladder...
  2. B

    Pooping "blood clots"?

    This morning, I went to check up on my male guinea pig and noticed he hadn't eaten and food. When I picked him up, I noticed a little blood, but was unable to locate the source of the issue. I feed him some critical feed and checked his cage for blood, which I was unable to find. Assuming that...
  3. amyprie

    Pig fell, any good experiences?

    Hi! My guinea pig fell on a sunday, on tuesday he started limping. I took him to the vet, she couldn't feel anything broken so she gave him 0.9ml of loxicom (Meloxicam) for 5 days. If he doesn't get better she would do the x-ray, etc. This morning (first day after the medicine) looked like he...
  4. Kaipo Cavia

    Medication Contraindications

    Hello, I have a pig whom I believe has a dental problem brewing. She's had her teeth checked but was given the all clear. She has another appt booked in for Mon to get a second opinion. She's showing me signs that her mouth is giving her discomfort. She is on a combination of meds currently...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Transdermal Tramadol

    Has anyone used this? Beans was to be put on Tramadol drops for her arthritis but the vet (not my normal piggy vet) said these aren't in production anymore, so he would order transdermal tramadol gel... It would be rubbed on her ears, downside being it can sometimes cause dermatitis. Any...
  6. peach

    Quite Sow Jing With Bloating Issue

    I adopted a sow Jing on Sept 10. Even though I had three guinea pigs before but I made mistakes on how to make her adjust to her new home. One different thing about Jing is she does not make any noise when she is in the cage or handled. Her foster told me that most time she just sat there...