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  1. T

    Please Help! Stressed piggy, Should i try swap my guiena pig pairs or not?

    I'm going to try explain this the best i can, i’ve attached pics with their names next to them down below. I have 4 guiena pigs but they are housed in 2 seperate cages in pairs (Gus & Karma as a pair and Viva & Sugar as the second pair, same as in the pics). For years i only had Viva and her...
  2. Mummy2Milo&Felix

    Pairing 2 bore brothers! Help!

    Hello Fellow Guinea lovers :) I’m so glad to have found this forum! I am a proud guinea mum to 2 brothers Milo and Felix. (They’ve been amazing for me as I’ve been battling depression for the past few years). I would like some advice on the appropriate methods on introducing more guineas to...
  3. mezmezmeeez

    What age companion would work better with my 2 month old boar?

    Hi, new member. I had two boars, Percy and Newt. Last night I noticed a scab on Newt's back which I was not sure is from a bite mark (as I hadn't noticed any bleeding before); Decided to take him to a vet to get it checked out, Vet decided to treat my baby as he would a cat or dog, injected him...
  4. M

    Which piggies should I get?

    Hi I’m new to the forum, just a query on what people’s opinions are over getting a pair of male piggies or females, the female pair in question are a couple of weeks older but the breeder says one of them is quite skittish. I’ll attach a photo. I’ve only ever had females before but apparently...
  5. SydneySharkk

    Male Trio? Neutering? Male herds?

    So I’ve been talking to my friend who’s old classmate is trying to rehome their two male guinea pigs, for a few months now. They asked me several months ago (right after I got my two girls) and I was thinking about getting them but they never responded. Until like a week ago, and she told me...
  6. GrandmaGuinea

    Sudden Loss Of Baby Guinea...need Advice Please

    NOTE: Apologies for the length of this message. We sincerely thank you in advance for taking the time to read. As of last week we became the proud grandparents of two baby pigggies (both female, 3 months old) that we bought for my daughter for her birthday. She was so happy and excited to be...
  7. J

    Bonded Boars Suddenly Fighting

    Hi :D I'm new to the forum but writing in desperation in the hope someone can help us out as our past herd was a group of females and have never experienced this before! Little back story, around one year ago we adopted a pair of bonded boars Dan and Darwin (brothers), who were at the time...
  8. K

    Can I Have 2 Male And 1 Female Together?

    I have been wanting to add another little piggie to my pair, I have seen that I can have 3 male together or 2 male and 1 female who has been done so I was just wondering thank you
  9. B

    New Friend For My Single Guinea Pig?

    Hi there, first ever post on this thread but I need some advice for my sow Betty. I had adopted Betty and her cagemate Wilma from Pets at Home a few months back, to cut a very long story short Wilma had a very persistant URI and unfortunately had to be put to sleep :( at first I was very...
  10. Tiayra


    So. I have a new baby Guinea pig that I just introduced to my teenage Guinea pig. The older one is Nanook, and the younger one is Nymeria. Now, Nanook and Nymeria seem to be getting along.. Until Nymeria tries to do anything. Nanook will chase her and make her scared. This is the first day, so I...
  11. Sach15

    Adding A Neutered Boar To A Quad?

    I have 4 sows and they get on fine but one of the girls is very dominant and gets a bit moody if one of the other girls does something she doesn't like. They have a run which is over 6ft and have a hutch against the run to go in for the daytime and They also have a shed with a stable door, which...
  12. Toto18

    2 Or 3 Sows?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I haven't had guinea pigs for several years and have previously had at different times pairs of sows. However as I'm aware guinea pigs like to live in larger groups would it be better for me to get three rather than two this time? I have already ordered a 2x4 c&c cage...
  13. B

    Lone Guinea Pig

    Hi There My Guinea pig baby has been Bullied by a group of 4 guinea pigs for a long time now, I decided since it was having an obvious effect on her wellbeing to try to pair her with another guinea from the group that didnt go well, Now she is alone in an indoor cage, and I'm unsure what to do...