1. D

    Help! My new guinea pig worries me!

    Hi, I recently got my first pet a new guinea pig (pocket), last Thursday. A person in my neighborhood was giving him away because his new guinea pig wasn't getting along with this one. Pocket was slowly opening up and at the beginning wasn't eating but is now eating well. I have a few things to...
  2. rooandmaple

    Guinea pig paw prints

    Hi yall! So on tiktok I saw this person do a paw print mould thing with their dog where they made an imprint in the clay and I wanted to try it out with the guinea pigs but obviously their paws are different to dogs so if any of you have some recipes to make it, please let me know!
  3. E

    Piggie paw print?

    Does anyone know any guinea pig safe ink/paint that I could use to make their paw prints x