peeing blood

  1. selink

    Possible blood in pee?

    Hello everyone,
  2. Ananias

    Persistent bladder problems

    Our Tilda is a 3 year-old female guinea pig living in Finland. She has pain while urinating and pooping (only after urinating) and also has had blood in urine (not at present). The problems have persisted for several months now with a few intermittent symptom-free episodes. The symptoms also...
  3. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Reddish pinkish pee?

    So I took my pigs out, they played, normal stuff; but when I went to go pick them up I found this on the floor. I’m pretty sure that it’s pee because no one goes on the playpen with food. I don’t know who’s pee it is, but should we take them to the vet?
  4. W

    Urinary track infection? Ovarian cyst?

    Hello everyone, My guinea pig Nymeria is peeing blood. I only found out today, to my knowledge yesterday this wasn't happening. I immediately took her to an exotics vet and they took an x-ray and a pee sample. There were no bladder stones so the vet said it's possible it's either a urinary...