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  1. BenjiAndButtons

    Cleaning Anal Sack

    I know this is a gross topic, but here in the uk, what do yous use to clean your gentleman piggies I'm talking smelly willies and gunky , we try warm water and cotton buds but it never fully cleans up.
  2. A

    Injured Penis?!? Help?!

    Sorry for the graphic image... But we have a problem here! Has anyone ever seen anything like this? What could be wrong with him? This is my little guy Chester. He's just a few months old. Anyway, I have 3 other male pigs and have never had anything like this happen. I thought it may be boar...
  3. Roopa

    Sick Cavy

    Hi All, I made a post on pet forums about this and was advised to ask around here to help shed some light on my piggie's situation. I have a boar called Theo who was bleeding when he urinated. I took him to the vets who said he had a penis infection and said that I should give him baytril and...
  4. Danielle Smith

    Secretion From Penis Post-neuter; Pus, Glue, Smegma, Sludgy Wee?

    Tubs was neutered on Saturday 26th November. While he was exclusively syringe-fed at first, he's recovering somewhat and eating hay, veggies and some pellets (he's losing 5-10g a day, but I'm keeping an eye on that and topping up with syringe feed where necessary). He's on loxicom for pain...
  5. P

    Urgent Swollen Penis

    Checked my year old Dave today and saw his penis was really swollen with the two horns. Is going to the vets tomorrow but need help on what it is. Doesn't seem painful since I can touch it without him squeaking. I don't know if he is peeing and pooping. Thanks!