1. threelittlebubs

    How Often Does A Guinea Pig Move From Space To Space?

    Right now my girl is on the mend and I'm monitoring her closely. One thing I'm noticing is how often she switches resting spots. When she was doing poorly she often laid in one spot for an hour, hour and a half. Now she is moving around much more, she has longer periods of an hour in the same...
  2. Little Pigs

    Personalities, Breeds And Colourations Of Peoples Piggies!

    So I just wanted to talk about our piggies and have a chat :roll: What's the name of your piggies? how old are they? what breed are they? what colouration are they? what are they like personality wise? So, one of piggies Ollie - bless his little soul - is a right charmer and peoples person but...