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  1. TBSam

    Should I Build This?

    I was thinking of building a cage just like this Living World Green Eco Habitat | Free P&P on orders £29+ at zooplus! But bigger, ( 2 x 4.5 ) with a roof thats attached with a hinge instead of lifting it up. I have two guinea pigs (male) but I dont have much room in my room lol. I just have a...
  2. piggie.slave

    How To Attach Water And Hay Rack?

    Hi, the piggies are having a new cage which is arriving shortly (whoooop:nod:), but I have just realised how am I supposed to attach the water bottle and hay rack? Its will be an L shape cage, and all perspex the whole way round, I have the living world glass water bottle and will be buying the...
  3. M

    L Shaped Cage

    So, I have yet to get any guinea pigs, but from looking at this forum and reviewing cages on Pinterest I have decided that I would love to build a Perspex cage, now the slight dilemma I am having is on the dimensions of the cage, the original plan was to have 3 guinea pigs (2 sows and 1 neutered...