L Shaped Cage

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Nov 17, 2015
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So, I have yet to get any guinea pigs, but from looking at this forum and reviewing cages on Pinterest I have decided that I would love to build a Perspex cage, now the slight dilemma I am having is on the dimensions of the cage, the original plan was to have 3 guinea pigs (2 sows and 1 neutered boar/3 sows), the cage was going to be built 150cm long on one side, 75cm wide and then 120cm down the other side with a loft also being built on top as a kitchen area.

On review of the space I have available, I decided that 150cm may be too much of a squeeze and it will put the cage too near the radiator and window (neither are good things I have read!) so have decided to cut the length of the size down to 120cm (both lengths 120cm and width of 75cm), now, I think this is below the preferred cage size for 3 guineas (I'm not too sure though as it's going to be a weird L shape), so I didn't know if it would be best to just have 2 guineas as they would then have more room or if i could stick to my original plan? also, if i cut down to 2, do you think 2 sows or 2 boars would be best for that space?
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