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  1. klovesguins

    Kavee C&C cage queries

    Hi! I have had guinea pigs for many many years, I am wanting to buy a new cage (2 story for 2 pairs) I think Kavee is the best option for what I need right now with having elderly piggies! My main question is this: I have cats, they love the guinea pigs especially laying on top of their cages...
  2. L

    Boar bonding help

    Hi! I’m desperately seeking advice rn on bonding. To cut a long story short… years ago I adopted a single Guinea pig from a rescue. Not knowing much at the time… I had no knowledge of said Guinea pig needing a companion but over a short amount of time I realised that he needed a friend. 2 years...
  3. cinnamon7

    boys bond broke

    my 2 boys bond broke, can i keep them both separate in a 2x3 cage?
  4. cinnamon7

    new cage!

    finally done guinea pigs love it 😍
  5. cinnamon7

    2x4 cage for males

    is a 2x4 cage suitable for 2 males or is that too small?
  6. cinnamon7

    2x4 cage

    is a 2x4 cage suitable for 1 male and 1 female guinea pig
  7. Sivlei

    Cage size

    I just wanted to implore the experienced MasterPiggies to give me a link to a nice big cage because the current cage for two large boars is 63 by 23. Is this big enough and if not then what is a good cage?
  8. lauryn1289

    What would be a reasonable minimum housing requirement?

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. Since my boys Kip and Bobby died in January and February I’m down to two boys, Ollie and Eggs. I would love to take in another piggy who needs a home, but I’m so stretched for space. It’s not an exact figure because the c&c cage is L shaped, but Ollie and...
  9. lilpumpkamo

    Custom cage tips

    I'm moving and I'm going to be transitioning from my current C&C cage to a sleeker looking custom cage. My office is moving and a lot of old office furniture is being donated so I'm thinking of using office furniture to build a cage. I'm thinking bookshelf as the part of the cage where the...
  10. elena

    C&C cage

    Hello! I was finally able of building the two floor cage I talked about last month! I think it looks very nice and also it is very stable! I just need to add some enrichment but I think that it is a good start :D It is a 3x4 base, 2x4 top, it is stable but I recommend adjusting it as much as...
  11. N

    New Behaviour (Mounting)

    Hello, I have 2 boars, one 3 and one 2. We have recently moved home a month ago and they are in a new environment and a new slightly smaller cage (they were in a 3 X 4 c&c but now on a 2 X 4, I know it's minimum but it's temporary until I can build them a custom size). Anyway, today I have...
  12. L

    Set up for 3 boars

    does this set up look suitable, in the biggest pen I have a bonded pair of boars, and in the smaller 2 pens I have a roughly 1 year old boar and then a roughly 5 year old boar. The two that are on their own I was hoping to bond however they haven’t taken to each other hence why they’re separate...
  13. Adelyn

    How big a cage for two guinea pigs?

    Hello everyone, I read that eight square feet was sufficient for two piggies, so I got a 4x2 Midwest cage. When I asked a rescue shelter if I could adopt one of their guinea pigs, they said my cage was too small and I needed to connect another 4x2 Midwest cage onto the current one. I'm confused...
  14. ZenexPiggies

    Can my cage be too big?

    Hey there, I currently have 5 piggies who live in a 7x3 and I have plans on building a 25x10 (Moving in a few months and the new house has a living room that I am converting into a piggie room/my room. My bedroom is nextdoors so I am removing that wall so that they wont stop being used to having...
  15. S

    2 boars, HELP

    I have a large hutch from PAH, it's for summer but during winter we keep keep in a 120cm by 20ishcm, I keep wanting to get am extension but my father replies "They'll be going out to their hutch soon." I switch up the set up alot so their not bored and have a storage bin (small) for their...
  16. M

    What to do with a newly lone piggie

    After 6 years of looking after them both, one of my guinea pigs died yesterday morning. I still havent really processed it and I just have a general awful feeling of loss but I really dont know what I can do for my remaining piggie, Panda. He's also 6 years old and quite aggressive (it took...
  17. A

    Low energy cage cleaning tips? For disabled prospective owner

    Hi folks! I've been thinking for a while about getting a pair of piggies. The possible barrier is I have chronic fatigue. Feeding and general care should be fine but I'm worried about reliably having the physical energy to keep their cage clean. Does anyone have advice on ways to keep the cage...
  18. Wheekallday

    Is this cage suitable?

    My birthday is coming up and I'm looking for new housing for my pigs as I'm getting my room re-done, does anyone know if the: "Ferplast Plaza 160 Small Pet Cage" is suitable? The price is pretty good and the measurements (162 x 60 x 50 cm) seem large, I just want my pigs to have enough space...
  19. E

    Guinea Pig Cage

    Hello! How do you get a guinea pig’s cage to be less stinky? I clean out their cage and add new blankets everyday but it gets so stinky over night! I share a room with them so this is a bit of an issue.
  20. piggyGin

    I'm BACK! + GREAT NEWS ^_^

    Hi all, Some of you might not remember Piggy Gin and I, but I was complaining that he was feeling depressed and lonely on here before. BUTTTT.... He's got a NEW friend since you all recomended. Gin gained a lot of weight and he's doing amazing! 1 month ago I got him a boar friend from my...