1. Iggleandpiggle959

    Guinea pig cage diy or something else?

    Hi, you may have seen me posting on the forum a little bit lately but I have been trying to find the right cage for my two boars. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that could help me, maybe by explaining what you have done for your pigs? The space I have is probably around 1 metre by...
  2. GuineaBabs

    Big enough home?

    Hey there guys! On my last thread someone replied with a helpful website and I’ve come on here again to ask if this cage is big enough. In total I have 3 boys and 2 girls so 5 total and they live in separate cages. I could have them live together if the girls get fixed as there’s less girls. I...
  3. liyahjane

    Bonding Two Male Guinea Pigs

    hey so i’ve been trying to bond my two male guinea pigs and i was wondering if i shouldn’t continue doing the bonding in sessions i looked up on a website and they said if no blood is drawn that the guinea pigs can live together and i can remove the divider from the cage. however, i still don’t...
  4. GuineaPlanets

    Should I permanently separate my Boars?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and as well as being a farely new Guinea Pig mom. I'm still trying to understand the behaviors but as I understood, it's recommended to separate Guinea Pigs if they draw blood. Well, I'm really hoping it doesn't have to come to that, but if it's for the better of my...
  5. H

    Found tiny black bugs while cleaning cage, should I be worried?

    Cleaning out the boys two tier cage (they’re housed separate due to extreme fighting). Cleaning the second bit of the cage I saw the tiniest little black bugs ever and I’m not sure if it’s something to be concerned about. There wasn’t many at all. I’m using a disinfectant on the cage and I’m...
  6. Y

    Hay- replaced

    Hey, I have a question: I bought 2 pounds of hay two weeks ago and put them in a cage. There was plenty more left of him. The question is, should it be replaced, or can it be left to them? Thanks
  7. O

    Nighttime cage necessary?

    Hi all, we’re new to Guinea Pig ownership and having put our girls in an outdoor hutch we have decided to move them back indoors permanently. I have ordered a C&C open top cage but wondered about nighttime, should I put them in a closable cage then? Will their food attract mice into the house? I...
  8. wheek!guinea

    Ramp & second level

    Hello everyone! I was considering building a second level for our c&c cage. Right now I have a 2x6 for 2 boars. I was considering adding the "Lookout Lounge" from the C&C Store online. I wanted to make sure this won't cause territorial issues with my two boys, as I've read online it may (is...
  9. M

    Would this be an adequate cage?

    I recently just rescued a guinea pig in addition to the two other guineadad pigs i own and i worry that the cage i currently have for them is not enough. is this coming that could be adequate for them? I don’t have a ton of horizontal space and need to have a cage that has a top due to our cats
  10. wheek!guinea

    Is this ok?

    Hi:luv: we are getting a best friend for Glacier next week but we wanted to see if this cage set up was ok? Right now Glacier is in a 2 x 4 cage. Is it safe to split the cage in half with a divider so they get to know each other safely? Then after we would take the divider out. Or would you...
  11. Bungie bunnies

    Just wondering?

    I’ve looked at the guniea pig cage sizes and know roughly how many I could have in my cage! but I was wondering on your own personal opinions my cage is 6,8ft long by 3,4ft wide with a second level of approx. 4ft x 2ft so the base is roughly 23.12 sq ft and the level is 8 sq ft so all together...
  12. Chip Lillis

    Safe litter for Guinea pigs?

    Hey everyone! With the quarantine and everything going on, I’m not able to head out to get the litter I normally do for my food area. I found this unscented paper litter for cats on amazon and I was wondering if it’s safe for piggies? There were people safely using it for rabbits in the reviews...
  13. Wahooo92

    An enclosure large enough to not have floor time?

    Hi all, am looking to get guinea pigs in a few years time but want to self build a cage so am doing my research well beforehand. We own a dog and even though he's incredibly well trained, i simply don't feel comfortable having a predator and prey animal living in the same space. We plan for...
  14. S

    Splitting my boars up :(

    Hey guys ! we recently how to take our slightly younger pig around 6 months to vet as he was limping ! So he was on medicine for a week and we was told to separate him from our slightly older 8 montj old male guinea pig ! They was in the same cage but had a divider so they could still see each...
  15. MsBaru

    DIY cage idea - is it suitable?

    I am thinking about making a DIY cage, since pet store cages are way too small, but my space is limited and I want to fit it into a certain corner. If anyone knows a YouTube channel Guinea Dad, he made a video of himself converting a piece of furniture into a guinea pig pen. My idea was to put...
  16. ashleemelda

    Slight Weight Loss: New Cage The Cause?

    Last night, I moved my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose, into a new, larger cage, which they have taken to wonderfully already. This morning, however, during their weekly weigh-in, they had both fallen to around 890g. Rose weighed 915g the week prior, so a loss of 25g, whereas Moira weighed 923g...
  17. T

    Sizing Advice

    Hi gius! I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here with our current cage. We have a 2 x 5 CC cage with a 2 x 2 left on one side and a patio on the other. My boyfriend wanted to expand the cage and make it into an L shape. So he added more grids and it's now a 2 x 2 extension kinda thing. So...
  18. Chip Lillis

    Are my pigs unhappy?

    I have three girls in an 18 square foot cage. All their needs are accommodated for; food, comfy houses, open space. I don’t have many toys, but I don’t think chew toys would really solve my issue. They don’t ever get the zoomies anymore, nor do they often popcorn. I think they do on occasion...
  19. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Help with cage!

    I feel annoying. :soz: So...I have to sows and I’d like to make them a c&c cage, however I’m not really sure where to buy them or how to add in a second level/ramp. Could somebody please help me out? Thank you! Sorry for being bothersome.
  20. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    New Cage For Piggies :)

    Okay so I think I found a cage that will work but I don’t trust myself so can the pig experts here tell me if this cage looks okay for two guinea pigs (who get along not as well I hoped they would yet sometimes manage)? It looks divided to me but can someone make sure? ;-; Thank you! <3