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Can my cage be too big?


Junior Guinea Pig
Apr 19, 2022
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Hey there, I currently have 5 piggies who live in a 7x3 and I have plans on building a 25x10 (Moving in a few months and the new house has a living room that I am converting into a piggie room/my room. My bedroom is nextdoors so I am removing that wall so that they wont stop being used to having me around.

My question is if that it's too big and if they just will get lost in a cage that size?
Nothing wrong with them free roaming a whole room, provided it is safe. Piggies don’t like big open spaces though, so if you are going to go that big and give basically a whole room, then you will need to make sure there are absolutely loads of hides so they don’t feel too exposed.
It may be a case of see how they go with it
I’m curious though, how will you cover such a large area with bedding?
I plan on having a lot of tarpaulin in the bottom, then have 3 layers of towels then ontop have 2 layers of fleece (not full fleece liners, just thin fleece blankets) I work in the wood industry so all the hides are made by me so having a lot of them wont be hard.