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moving home

  1. Aripined

    Pigs new home location

    I’m moving from Arizona to California and I will be in an apartment for a year. My two Guinea pigs will come with me but I can’t keep them in the apartment but instead the storage room I don’t want to but my mom said there’s no room for them inside. I need some tips to keep the storage room nice...
  2. Queenjellybeany

    Pet carrier for travel

    I’m moving house! My pigs will have around two hours travelling to their new home in the car with us. They have a small pet carrier but I’m wondering if I should get a bigger one since they’ll be in it for a little while especially as I get their cage set back up!
  3. ZenexPiggies

    Can my cage be too big?

    Hey there, I currently have 5 piggies who live in a 7x3 and I have plans on building a 25x10 (Moving in a few months and the new house has a living room that I am converting into a piggie room/my room. My bedroom is nextdoors so I am removing that wall so that they wont stop being used to having...
  4. S

    Moving from Us, to Uk

    Hi, I wanted to see if there was any advice anyone could give on taking my piggies with me to the UK, I’m moving there soon to be with my husband and I’m not sure the best way to go about it. I love them and don’t want to rehome them as I’ve only just started gaining their trust and they are...
  5. Kallasia

    Amusing Behaviour!

    So we're turning the house upsidedown, going through everything to pack or get rid of before we move... Last night the piggies decided they wanted to have a look around!