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  1. P

    Kavee C&C Lid

    Does anyone have the lid pieces from kavee? I like the look of them because you can swing the full thing back. But wondering about how sturdy they are? I will have a 2x6 c&c. I was thinking of dividing it into two 2x3 lids different to how kavee do it and put in support bars instead.
  2. Suki&Indie

    The C&C Cage Curse!

    Just wondering if anyone else randomly looks at their C&C cage and decides they need to upgrade :xd: Started today thinking that I should get new corroplast as it’s been well nibbled and looks a bit shabby and now I’ve got a cart full of stuff to make their cage 3x8 - there’s only three piggies...
  3. elena

    C&C cage

    Hello! I was finally able of building the two floor cage I talked about last month! I think it looks very nice and also it is very stable! I just need to add some enrichment but I think that it is a good start :D It is a 3x4 base, 2x4 top, it is stable but I recommend adjusting it as much as...
  4. peppermintSmoothie

    C&C kitchen - anyone ever seen this for sale?

    I've been going back and forth with kitchen area ideas for my piggies for a while, they had a kitten litter tray but it wasn't really big enough - one would sit in the middle and the other would want to get into the hay so we've tried a corner one - same issue but it gives them more space in the...
  5. ZenexPiggies

    Can my cage be too big?

    Hey there, I currently have 5 piggies who live in a 7x3 and I have plans on building a 25x10 (Moving in a few months and the new house has a living room that I am converting into a piggie room/my room. My bedroom is nextdoors so I am removing that wall so that they wont stop being used to having...
  6. Guineapigs33

    New Guinea pig owner! Kavee?

    Hi! New Guinea pig owner here 💛 The cage I got for for them yesterday meets the requirements for space but is so poorly/cheaply made and unstable. It’s bound to fall apart anytime soon. I wanna order a Kavee c&c cage with a stand for my piggies! I wanna make sure they have plenty of space for...
  7. V

    C&C cage edging.

    Hi does anyone know where you can get the hard plastic edging for coroplast in the UK, that isn’t ridiculously priced. I’ve bought 4mm white coroplast and want to protect it from nibbles.
  8. V

    C&C cage liners

    Hello, I was just wanting to know where people buy their liners from? For the C&C cages? Found some sets on EBay that come with a matching house and a bed etc but it’s £60+ and I was wondering if there were any places I hadn’t thought of to get some. I’m, hopefully sometime soon, getting my...
  9. Iggleandpiggle959

    Guinea pig cage diy or something else?

    Hi, you may have seen me posting on the forum a little bit lately but I have been trying to find the right cage for my two boars. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that could help me, maybe by explaining what you have done for your pigs? The space I have is probably around 1 metre by...
  10. C

    Newbie! Advice on C&C

    Hi there! Newbie here hope I'm posting in the right place! I haven't owned piggies since I was a little girl but have now decided to add 2 baby sows to the family. They're due to come to us in 3 weeks! Originally the plan was to house them outside in a hutch but after research we've decided to...
  11. Hannahb2804

    Cleaning cage

    Is this suitable to clean the c&c cage? They didn’t have any standard white vinegar so just wondered if this would be safe for them?
  12. B

    C&C Cage Safety!

    I just built my piggies a whole new cage, but I worry that I've majorly screwed up. I have 7x7 hole grids and I've been told that that is unsafe. I can't exactly afford to build a whole other one right now and my grandparents would get extremely angry if I did. What can I do?
  13. R

    C&c grid hay rack

    After the hay rack I bought tuned out to be too small for my 3 greedy pigs and the hay was running out in the night I have DIYed this from spare grids. Does it look ok? I have watched and they have all managed to eat from it easily.
  14. Dystopoly

    Cage Upgrades!

    I finally got some cage upgrades for my piggies, and I’m in LOVE! I’m sure I’ll end up adjusting the lid situation, but I’m mostly just trying to make sure they don’t get Out for now, lol. The bottom front is made up of entirely Acrylic windows with two swing grids for access, and I’m also...
  15. N

    C&C Cage Help

    I'm about to start making a C&C cage for my two boars. I'm planning on using these grids to make an L shaped cage which will be 6 grids long, 2 grids wide on one end, and 4 grids wide on the other end. SONGMICS 9 Cubes Metal Wire Storage Rack, Interlocking Shelving Unit with Metal Wire Shelves...
  16. GeorgiaHarris

    Rolled correx?

    Just wondering if anyone’s ever had correx delivered rolled as I’ve found some cheap-ish on eBay but it comes rolled. Does it flatten out properly and is it as easy to score as delivered flat?
  17. dannif_piggies


    Being the creative person I am I've got bored of the cage I recently made for the piggies and what to change it up again 🤣 Uh oh 😂 This time, I think I was to do a pink piggy palace, of just cute girlyness, maybe make it look like a castle, who knows, but ideally I would like white or pink...
  18. dannif_piggies

    New c&c cage idea!

    I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but over the next week I'm am off work and Ive come up with such an exciting idea for my guinea pigs c&c, I will be extending the base possibly to 4x3 (if not just a small width extension on one part) and then providing them with a loft. My...
  19. dannif_piggies

    Coroplast problems

    So the base of my c&c is currently corrugated plastic sheet from wickes, before little one Willow arrived it was doing the job fine, as my older one Honey is extremely calm, but now Willow keeps jumping around and now the sides of the coroplast base have started to "cave" inwards. (hope people...
  20. K

    Fleece cage liner reccomendations

    Hi all, I want to make the change to cage liners for my two boars, but am finding it hard to know where to look. Does anyone have any recommendations for a shop that isn’t too pricey, but have a good absorbent layer? I have a 2x4 C&C cage. Thanks!