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  1. R

    [australia] C&c Cage Grids- Where To Find Them?

    Hi there! I live in Australia and I've recently decided I might get back into being a guinea pig owner. (I recently moved from America and had a guinea pig there.) Anyways, I've realized it's not nearly as easy to find guinea pig supplies here in Australia especially C&C cage materials. I know...
  2. NatalieGee

    Advice For The Best Life

    Hi, everyone! I recently adopted my first guinea pigs, a pair of 4 or 5-month-old boars. I want to share a description of their setup and the care routine I've been doing to make sure that if I'm making any mistakes or if you have any suggestions on how to make their lives even better, I can...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    Grid Connectors

    Does anyone know where you can buy just the grid connectors in the UK? Found lots from America with rather extortionate shipping costs!
  4. ChloeCee98

    C & C Cages So Hard To Find In The Uk!

    What is a reasonable price to pay for a c&c cage ? I was going to buy one from a suggested site today but my partner isn't so sure as it's a lot of money. The materials are really hard to find to be able to build seperately. I've looked at a number of places and I'm looking at between £70 and...
  5. Guineapigfeet

    The Girls In Their Indoor Cage

    Just a few pics of my girls in their indoor cage. I am so in awe of everyone who manages to get nice, close, *in focus* pictures of their piglets! Rey and a peep from BB An out of focus nose but look at those feets! Slightly odd look from BB Chewie All three
  6. coco&chanel

    C&c Playpen?

    Hi. Ive ordered 20 c&c grids with connectors with the view to build a large indoor playpen for when the weather is too cold/wet to go in the outdoor run (which is ALL the time!) My question is: how hard will it be to put it up and take it down? This would be just the sides and no correx as...
  7. Guineapigfeet

    Summer Accommodation

    The temperatures at the beginning of this week mean that my shed will be getting too hot during the day for the pigs, so they've moved into the spare room and don't seem to mind, so far, the lack of space compared to the shed! We will try to still give them floor time, but whether it is in that...
  8. T

    Cage Bedding - Best Option For Messy Pigs!

    Hi all, We have two guinea pigs who are in a Midwest Habitat - similar to a C&C style cage. We've been experimenting with the best way to keep our pigs clean as they are pooping machines, and are yet to learn to keep it to one area! They love fleece and popcorn whenever they have fleece in their...
  9. AmyAnn

    Flabbergasted By Fleece!

    With my new boys coming home in a couple of weeks I'm reading up on bedding options and can't believe the amount of people now using fleece! Trust me it's not a criticism, just things have obviously changed lots for the better since I last had some piggies (10 years ago, they lived in an outside...
  10. BiscuitBeans

    Where Can I Get A C&c Cage From? (uk)

    Hi all, Sorry this is a very discussed topic but all the forums I have read and links I've checked are now outdated. I've found C&C cages in a lot of places as I think they are the best kind of cage, but they're all around £50 which is a little bit too expensive in my opinion. However I have...
  11. P

    Cage Setup Question

    Hi! I'm new to these forums and am currently looking forward to taking in two young pigs in a couple weeks once they come of age to be separated from their mother. A friend of mine got a wrongly sexed pig from the pet store and ended up with a pregnant pig. I've had several pigs in the past but...
  12. Danniecakes

    Getting More Guineas

    Hi, I have recently expanded my guinea pigs cage and was wondering if I add more on to the top level and get them neutered. Whether I would be able to add another one or two guniea pigs? Or is that not advised as they have been together since 6 weeks? This is their cage at the moment I am...