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Junior Guinea Pig
Jun 4, 2017
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Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Hi, everyone! I recently adopted my first guinea pigs, a pair of 4 or 5-month-old boars. I want to share a description of their setup and the care routine I've been doing to make sure that if I'm making any mistakes or if you have any suggestions on how to make their lives even better, I can make adjustments to be a better pig mom.

I first ordered the Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus, and was instantly unhappy with the size. They lived in that cage for all of 3 days and then I ordered them the "jumbo" sized C&C habitat from guineapigcagesstore.com (2x6 grids and 16 square feet). The boys love it! They've been in their new cage for about a month and it seems like the popcorning never ends! :)

In their cage, they have a fleece forest hanging in one corner and that seems to be their favorite hide. They also have an alfalfa tunnel, a big wooden hidey house, several toys (dangly pinecone/wood thing, sisal ring with wood blocks, a willow ball stuffed with hay, a set of bendable "lounging logs" they can go under or on top of, etc.) and I kind of switch out which hides they have and what goes where every couple days so they can play with all their stuff in a week without taking away too much of their running space.

I use Carefresh paper bedding in most of the cage, except their "kitchen area" which is timothy hay with a hay rack, a bowl of Oxbow Young Guinea Pig pellets, and a bowl where they get their veggies. I've been giving them either romaine, red&green butter lettuce, or Swiss chard every day along with a small amount of a supplemental veggie like capsicum, parsley, etc. I also give them each half of an Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C tab every day. Because my boys are still so young, should I be giving them alfalfa hay along with the Timothy? Their pelleted food is made of alfalfa and they both eat plenty every day. Also, how much veggies would you recommend for pigs their age? I've read it's about a cup a day for adult pigs so I've been giving them about a cup and a half total a day to share. I let them sort of forage for the greens and I hand feed them the peppers and other snacks and it has really helped us bond. They get all squeaky and excited when they see me now and the braver of the two runs up and puts his little hands on the bars to greet me!

I bought a big plastic kiddie pool and filled it with bedding and toys and that is where I put them to have "floor time" with me and time away from their usual cage. They are starting to outgrow it though and I suspect they will be able to hop the sides any day now, lol!

In all, do you guys think I'm making good choices for my pigs? I've done a lot of research but just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to make them happy and healthy and fulfilled. Pointers, please? Thank you!
They sound like they have a great life.
I also think they are having a great life. I also have two piggies (sows) 6 months old and I also give them a little supplement of vit C (although they eat a lot of fresh grass and a piece of ball pepper, therefore they would not need any supplement), but I prefer using Cebion drops, the supplement for children. Its taste is wonderful, piggies love it and it is stored into a dark little bottle. The problem of the tablets is that they are in contact with the air and the light... and vit C easily degrades.
About the food, 80% should be composed of hay and grass, only a little amount of vegs (here in Italy best vets recommend not more than 100g) and only one TEAspoon of pellets (served as a treat). I don't remember in which website I have read the funny "rule" about which the hay should be as much as the whole body, the veg as much as the piggie's head and pellets should be as much as the area of ONE ear...
Have you already visited Guinea Lynx website? it is the best one for learning the ultimate rules (changed in the last years) about guinea pigs.
Sounds to me that your piggies live in 7th heaven. The fact that you were asking things in your post & wanting advice makes you a outstanding owner. (Or piggy slave as we are known) Just carry on doing what your doing.
Welcome to our friendly forum.
Welcome to the forum!

Your piggies sound like they have an amazing life and are really happy! Be lovely to see some photos of them

The recommended ratio of food groups:
- ca. 80% hay (hay should be unlimited at all times)
- 10-15% veg and fresh herbs (ca. 1 cupful / 50g / nearly 2oz)
- 5-10% pellets (amount depending on the age)
- plenty of fresh water daily

Sounds like you are doing great!
That sounds great!
A lot of people use fleece for their pigs, but it's a total preference as far as I'm concerned! I've never used shavings so I couldn't tell you otherwise.
I give about two cups to my two pigs, even though one is a baby. They seem to eat it all anyways.
I think Timothy hay is totally fine. Also, I've read that after six months you can switch to the adult pig food.
It sounds like you're doing everything right! This is a great resource to use if you have any other questions. Your pigs are ADORABLE!
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