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new guinea pig owner

  1. B

    Where’s the best place to get Guinea pigs?

    I’m hoping to get guinea pigs but I’m not sure what the best place to get them is. I’ve gotten previous pets from foster care, but those were other animals. Any advice?
  2. I

    Guinea Pig on desk?

    I’m a student with two guinea pigs, just wondering if it’s okay for me to take my guinea pigs out sometimes and keep them for a little while on my desk while I study?
  3. Angel_Celeste

    Concerned over behaviour.

    Hi all, I'm posting on behalf of my sister, who's extremely concerned about her Guinea pig. We've had him for around 3 months now, and I believe he's between 6-7 months old. We've just bought two more Guinea pigs yesterday, both female, and are housing them in a separate cage until he can be...
  4. marimomo

    Adopted Guinea Pig

    Hi! I'm a new guinea piggy owner and read up about the piggies as much as I could before adopting one. (In my town this man was breeding and selling them and the SPCA rescued 33 guinea pigs, wow!) I named him Ekko and he lives in a nice cage with water and hay refilled both morning and night so...
  5. rinlalin

    Meet Caramel!

    hello all! today, i decided to pick up a second guinea pig. his name is caramel! i'm in love with him already! he's a baby, about 1 month old. he's just so precious! give him lots of love in the thread EDITED BY A MODERATOR
  6. M

    Brand-New Owner in Need of Advice!

    Hello! I just signed up for this forum. I'm in need of some assistance with my new guinea pigs! I have just adopted two sows from someone who was moving. I'm the oldest of six, and my family has wanted some new pets for a while now. We picked them up, both of them in separate cages, and...
  7. marahallie

    Getting A Guinea Pig Tommorow! (advice Needed)

    Any tips or advice for me? This will be my first time owning a Guinea Pig, but not a rodent. I'm open to all! C:
  8. Raefire

    Uri Symptoms / Allergies?

    So, I adopted 2 guinea pigs about a week ago, and the bedding they came with causes dust. I understand that dusty bedding is bad for guinea pigs, but I didn't want to stress them out even more by cleaning their cage and replacing their bedding in less than a week. I'm cleaning their cage later...
  9. NatalieGee

    Advice For The Best Life

    Hi, everyone! I recently adopted my first guinea pigs, a pair of 4 or 5-month-old boars. I want to share a description of their setup and the care routine I've been doing to make sure that if I'm making any mistakes or if you have any suggestions on how to make their lives even better, I can...