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  1. Lunapxggies

    Worry about toxic toys

    Hello! I have been having a lot of anxiety about using the wrong toys for my piggies for enrichment so I was wondering what everyone on here recommends for enrichment toys for their pigs ! Thanks so much!
  2. Suki&Indie

    Hay burrowing tub set up?

    Hi all! I’ve seen a lot of piggy parents have a big tub of hay for their piggies to burrow in. I never set one up because I thought it would be expensive and messy but I recently got them a hay cube (a little box filled with hay) and they obsessed! So I think it’s time I set up a burrowing box...
  3. I

    Questions about guinea pig enrichment and taking guinea pigs out of their cage

    Hello, I have two boars who live in a 20.5sq feet cage. Because of this(and a bit of laziness)I tend to only take them out when I'm cleaning, which has recently only been 2 to 1x per week. I put them in a playpen(10sq ft) but due to the fact that I can't put a water bottle in it I tend to only...
  4. thedosboys

    Is snow a good enrichment idea?

    So the months are getting colder here in the Midwest and I thought it would be a cute idea to make snow men for my piggies. I saw the idea with someone's rats and I was wondering if it was okay with guinea pigs I know they get cold easily so I would put out their warming blanket. I just want...
  5. E

    Enrichment for a singleton

    Hi guys, I'm fostering a 6 month old boar soon! He'll be being neutered under my care then put up for adoption to go join another singleton or herd. I want to make sure that he's as occupied as possible being a lone six month old boy. Any recommendations of quirky ways to keep a lone...
  6. T

    Floor time?

    Hiya, I’ve been interested in getting my pigs used to having (supervised in a safe area) floor time. They live in a c&c and have a pop up play pen they enjoy, but I’d like to introduce them to floor time without them freezing up because of prey instinct. How can I make it less stressful for them?
  7. x3littlepiggies

    Settling in 3 piggies

    Hi everyone! New owner here :-) Myself and my partner welcomed 3 beautiful 6 week old female guinea pigs into our lives last Thursday (Tofu, Peanut, and Noodle). They have a large 4x2 enclosure with lots of places to hide, things to explore, and interesting chew items. Since they've arrived...
  8. dannif_piggies

    Toy/boredom breaker ideas

    Hi all, I'm wanting to get a larger selection of enrichment together for my piggies, they have some enrichment and I often make them things from toilet roll tubes etc, but I was wondering. Is there anything that others have used that may have not been originally intended for piggies? Looking...
  9. dannif_piggies

    Guinea Pig (and hamster) accessories websites?

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows of cheap (but good) guinea pig (and/or hamster) accessories websites. Ive used zooplus and petplanet, but are there any others that people recommend. Ideally looking for the smaller (less obvious) places, so not eBay... Amazon... etc. I would also...
  10. S

    Are They Bored? + Shed And Hay Advice

    Hi everyone! Just wanted some advice/answers to a couple of questions. Firstly – hay. I give my two girlies loads of hay every day, in two different places, and also in a hay rack. I read that guinea pigs won’t eat hay that they’ve gone to the toilet in, but my girls seem to just go to the...
  11. HeatherW


    I made my piggies a new toy yesterday and Jasmine seems to have taken to it already! I can't tell if she has her eyes closed, but it's pretty close. :D Thanks to Wiebke for the pinned link to Spikes kleine Welt. :)
  12. Parnassus

    When Is It Time To Increase Herd Size?

    I haven't been able to find any literature online about this topic, so here goes -- We have two bonded sows, who get along fine, and are spoiled by us humans to death. I have been wondering how we decide if they need or should enjoy having a third member join their herd? How does someone...
  13. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Box Of Pebbles?

    Recently someone showed me a Facebook post from one of the piggy pages where someone had used a tray full of pebbles and such. Apparently they use it like a litter tray and it's natural enrichment for them? So I was curious if it was actually beneficial. Has anyone ever heard/done this?
  14. NatalieGee

    Advice For The Best Life

    Hi, everyone! I recently adopted my first guinea pigs, a pair of 4 or 5-month-old boars. I want to share a description of their setup and the care routine I've been doing to make sure that if I'm making any mistakes or if you have any suggestions on how to make their lives even better, I can...
  15. JessJ

    Enrichment Ideas

    Looking for enrichment ideas for our new piggies! Here is there "play space".
  16. JR.piggies

    Guinea Pig Chewable Toys

    Hi, i was just wondering if there are any popular edible toys for guineas, as mine has only one for now he has a little cardboard tube which he loves. I just wanted to see if there are any really good ones out there that are popular with most piggies as i dont really want to buy something he...
  17. Alexandra West

    Guinea Pig "hamster" Ball Opinions.

    What do you think of the XXL hamster balls that petstores market for piggies? I personally think it's cruel to put any animal into a plastic ball without access for food or drink. What are your opinions? Do you like them? Do you use them for your piggies? I'd like to hear opinions on this. And...
  18. Beans&Toast

    Anyone Tried These?

    I noticed P@H have started doing these new forage bags. Some of them are more like sugary treats that I'm not entirely convinced would be suitable for piggies, but I thought these seemed good? The pigs love it sprinkled over their hay..
  19. bumbling-bambi

    Bored Indoor Boars In The Run!

    My boys seem to be getting bored in the run! They have a great big multi storey cage so they can scuttle about to their little hearts content. They also have an indoor run meant for puppies (it takes up a fair bit of my living room!) and they go in that as much as possible - this is on average...
  20. MJG

    Best Toys For Floor Time?!

    Hey guys :) Just wondering everyone's opinion , so for floor time I let boys explore my spare room and I've got tunnels , a house , couple of chews , some guniea pig chew balls . Is there anything else anyone could suggest to add to their playtime? I just don't want them to be bored :)