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  1. D

    2 Play Pens Joined Together?

    Okay a lot of you said that the playpen was too small and that I should get a c and c cage so o searched for one but my mum would say no because of how much they cost. if my mum doesn't let me get the suitable size for Guinea pigs then I won't be getting any because I don't want them to suffer...
  2. Piggiekisses

    Help A Newbie?

    Hello all, I did some research on bedding but there seems to be a lot of mixed information that's making me confused. Firstly, is newspaper safe to use as bedding? If not, what safe options are there to use as bedding besides fleece? (Safe woods, paper, etc.)I am not allowed to use...
  3. M

    L Shaped Cage

    So, I have yet to get any guinea pigs, but from looking at this forum and reviewing cages on Pinterest I have decided that I would love to build a Perspex cage, now the slight dilemma I am having is on the dimensions of the cage, the original plan was to have 3 guinea pigs (2 sows and 1 neutered...
  4. Little Ones

    Cage Too Small

    My boars are a year and a half old now and two of them are in a small cage. I have been talking to my mum about a C&C cage when I had my previous piggy but she said I couldn't because there was no roof but you can get one fixed on. My boars are big now and the cage is just so so small! They have...
  5. kitkat1

    Making A Diy Piggie Name Tag

    Hi! Here are some instructions for making this cute hangable name-tag for your piggies! You can hang it up on your guinea pigs' cage and it is really simple to create. Materials: Small square of cardboard 2-3 pieces of printer paper Tape Sharpie Markers (any colors) OPTIONAL: Glitter Modpodge or...
  6. MrsPhoebeBee

    Struggling With Indoor Cage Options-please Help!

    Hi everyone :) This is my first post! I have three piggies, Wolfgang, a nearly 4 year old male and Bonnie & Flo, 2 and half month old girls. Wolfgang's friend (and my baby pig) George sadly died a couple of weeks ago :( Wolfgang and George didn't really get on (read-tried to kill each other)...
  7. Demi

    Making A C&c Cage Uk. Need Help Sourcing Materials :)

    Hello I'm wanting to make a big cage for my 3 guinea pigs. I would like to do a 3x4 or a 3x5 but I'm finding it really hard to find the cubes in the uk. I would like to make it myself so i dont really want to buy a complete one from the shop. Can anyone recommend where to get the materials from...
  8. Guineapigfeet

    Travel Box - Experience / Opinions?

    I'm looking at these two boxes (for two pigs) and was wondering if anyone had any experience of them / opinions? The reviews for both on Zooplus and Amazon are, naturally, mixed! Catit Design Cabrio Pet Carrier | Great deals at zooplus! Nobby Avior Pet Carrier | Free P&P on orders £29+ at...