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Housing Ideas For My Three Pigs

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Oct 10, 2014
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Hi everyone!

So, I was just looking for some advice regarding my situation. I have three boars who currently live indoors in a large c&c cage which is perfect and I'm really happy with. However, we are moving house and the rooms in the new house are going to be smaller unfortunately. As I live with my parents at the moment, I don't get much say in the move and have been told that my guinea pigs will need to relocate to outside in a shed.

I am unhappy with this as they have always been indoor pigs since they were 6 weeks old and are now 2 years old.

My question is for people's views on sheds for guinea pigs, do you have them living there and if so, what kind of cage arrangement do you have inside the shed? If possible, what size of shed do you have?

I would love to keep them indoors and will try my best to but space is really going to be an issue and downgrading to a smaller cage won't be good for them either. Any help would be appreciated!
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