1. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    New and Bigger Cage...?

    Hi! My guinea sort of get along and I was thinking about getting a new bigger cage. To make things more clear, I got Candy, and then a few months later I got Holly. We put Holly in Candy’s cage just like the sales lady told us to do. She was wrong. Candy chased her around and hated her. Now (a...
  2. Joshbob

    Guinea Pig Cages Store

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to build a cage for my piggies using grids. Has anyone purchased anything from Guinea Pig Cages Store or maybe know a cheaper/better alternative? Or maybe share any advice or your experience on building your own cage.
  3. Pxhione

    Free roaming Piggies?

    Hey there! Recently I have been bringing out my 3 girls for daily floor time. They're in a 5 x 6 CC cage but they still love the extra room of course! Floor time consists of them going into a large metal run added onto their cage, allowing access to the middle of the living room. I was...
  4. P

    DIY Cage Extension? (Jumbo amazonbasics)

    So I have two jumbo amazonbasics cages and I was hoping someone would be creative enough to help me with some ideas on how to connect the two cages. I’m not sure if the two side panels could be raised and I could make a ramp of some sort, in fact the cage actually comes with a ramp I could maybe...
  5. L

    What does this mean?!

    So I’m pretty new to the guinea parent world but I got my 2 male piggy’s a month ago and I got a new cage the other day I upgraded the cage and one of my guinea pigs gizmo was rumble strutting to the other one leo and leo never squeaked when I held him before but all of a sudden when I pet him...
  6. Nattzzz

    Is my cage big enough?

    I recently got a Midwest guinea pig cage, I believe it’s big enough for two Guinea pigs, but I have three. (One of them is at the vet rn) It took my mom A LOT of convincing to buy this cage. I begged her for about a month. My mom does love the guinea pigs and talked about getting a bigger cage...
  7. ignuxas6

    can i get third guinea pig in cage like this?

    I have two girls already. both about 3 month old. measurements 100x50cm ant second floor 35x50 cm
  8. P

    New Cage!😍

    Guys, I am in love with the new guinea pig cage😍 Theyve got SO much more room to run about compared to the little pet shop cage we first got. I'm so happy with it & the guinea pigs have been popcorning like mad! Expensive, but worth every penny!❤❤❤
  9. P


    So excited for Friday when the guinea pigs new cage arrives! Been saving so hard for this💖
  10. J

    Beware of scam sellers such as piggiecages-4 on e-bay

    I would just like to share a negative experience we had on ebay in order that other's are aware. The seller piggiecages-4 (they may change their name) has listings clearly showing cages that do not match what you receive. In our case it was a self build two storey cage however the pieces we...
  11. N

    Is my cage big enough for 4 piggies?

    Hi there, I'm currently looking into upgrading my piggies cage, I currently have 2 male pigs in a pet shop cage (I know it's bad, it's only temporary and they are out all the time) I'm looking into building my own cage and using a base that will be 150cm × 75cm and eventually I want to grow my...
  12. Isabela

    Cage cleaning

    Hello I was wondering what to use for cage cleaning. I was always using white vinegar and water but the cage is getting smellier and smellier. I read that you should use detergent and water before the vinegar and water? If so, what type should I use and how long should I wait for it to start...
  13. Kirstie :)

    Felt Bedding Care

    Hey everyone, Just wondering how often you change your felt bedding in your piggies cage and how you care for/wash it? I know what the washing instructions are for my felt, but having quite a large cage, putting the felt lining in the fur bag means its a struggle to get it in the machine. I'm...
  14. C

    New cages

    I have my guinea pig for about 6 months. He currently lives in a large rabbit cage no levels. I am thinking about buying him a multi level cage imac benny 100. Does anyone already have one and how do your guinea pigs find it or any advice about multilevel cages would be welcome thanks!
  15. NuggetPipey

    My new C and C cage!

    This is my new cage that I got on my birthday. It has a loft and a ramp!
  16. oofitsnaomi

    Taming Process

    Hi! I've had my two boys, Finn and Parker, for about a month and a half. They're settling in well. They've recognized my footsteps and wheek when I come up the stairs with food, I play ukulele for them every single night and they seem to really enjoy that (does anybody want to see a video of...
  17. amylouise

    1 single and 1 double tier indoor cages for rehoming! FREE!

    Hi, first of all please accept my apologise if this is the wrong place to advertise this, I have rang around a lot of rescues and messaged people on Facebook and someone suggested here! I have up for grabs these cages, they haven't been used for a few years and have been sitting getting bashed...
  18. dannif_piggies

    New c&c cage idea!

    I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but over the next week I'm am off work and Ive come up with such an exciting idea for my guinea pigs c&c, I will be extending the base possibly to 4x3 (if not just a small width extension on one part) and then providing them with a loft. My...
  19. oofitsnaomi

    Cage Clean w/ Scared Guinea Pigs?

    Hi:D I have to do a cage clean today. I have had my piggies for a week now and they are lovely but still very scared (they're still settling in.) I don't know how I am going to get them out of their cage to clean it. My mom suggested that we block of some of their cage and lure them to go into...
  20. LothianCavies

    New piggie palace!

    In my ongoing quest to make sure the boys stay together we have upcycled a toddler bed to give them lots of room. Also, I'm a children's book illustrator and, as I wanted the piggies in the centre of our home, I felt it needed to be pretty too! Not a main concern for the piggies, but nice for...