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  1. K

    I Have No Idea What Cage To Upgrade To

  2. Jordyn Warner

    L Shaped C&c Cage

    Hello I have had guinea pigs in the past and was in a constant struggle always trying to find space to upgrade there cage! They ended up with more room than me haha! Now in a new home with plenty of space and more money I am looking to start again in the right way from the start! I have a lot of...
  3. Cherri

    My Boar Is Biting The Divider In His Cage?

    Hello! I have a very fiesty 4 year old boar, he won't stop biting the divider in his cage. He recently chipped a tooth pretty bad on the wire, and I'm scared that with him biting with little tooth, that he will damage his gums? Anybody have any idea how I can stop him from biting?
  4. Jordyn Warner

    Back In Business!

    Hello! I had guinea pigs a until a year ago when having to leave my baby's with my then boyfriend after a brake up, I am now in my new home and ready to set up again! Could anyone spare a minute to let me know if there has been any changes or updated information on the geneal care of piggies...
  5. Powelly78

    Finally Some Pics Of Our New Girls.

    Hi guys, I haven’t wanted to take any pics yet as have been leaving the girls to settle in. Here are Fluff (on the right) and Stripe (left). Fourteen week old Swiss breed Sisters :love::love: We are so in love! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum as I most...
  6. Louiseblack2

    Looking For A New Hutch

    hello, I own 3 guinea pigs 2 girls and a boy at the moment they live stacked on top of each other in two separate cages. The bad weather had almost destroyed the girls cage causing it to swell badly and making it hard to open and close so I’m looking for a new cage desperately! However ideally...
  7. Piggy996

    Can't Make Appropriate Cage

    Hi, I've been trying to make my piggy a new cage for last few months, but it seems impossible. I searched for grid cubes and coroplast (correx) in many many shops and I can't find it, people who work there have no idea what I'm asking about :( I also tried searching for the material on the...
  8. TheLottiediarys

    Is My Cage Too Crowded?

    Hi guys I was wondering if ive put too much stuff in this cage, Should i take some of tunnels and tubes out? Or is it ideal? I've got my neutered Male and three sows in here :)
  9. Piggiesxoxo

    Cage Sizes?!?

    A lot of different sites say different things and I wanted to make sure I get this right! I have one piggy right now and I might get another (Pumpkin is from a pet store, but I learned how it's better to get them from shelters!) and I was wondering would this be a good size cage for 1-2 cavys?
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Browsing And Found...

    Been browsing my local Facebook ads for guinea pig related items and found a C & C cage (a couple actually but one that seems pretty good) 4x2 complete with cortex and ties etc. £40! I'm very tempted I must say...
  11. Jennybug89

    Fleece In A Shop Cage

    For those of you who use fleece in a shop bought cage do you find your piggies burrow under the edges of it as there's nothing to hold them down? I'm debating changing to them
  12. Hlao-roo

    New Cage

    Hi I'm wanting a new cage for my 3 boars. They're currently in a one-story 5x2 C&C cage but I'm not comfortable with it as it doesn't seem sturdy enough and bits keep popping out of the connectors, and I really hate the correx / plastic stuff! I've found this one online: Lounge Small Pet Cage...
  13. Charlotte behan

    Guinea Pig Cage In A Dark Place?

    Hi everyone, I'm moving back to university in a couple of weeks and were moving into a different house. Sadly I got to choose rooms last and i have the smallest room so the only place id be able to fit my guinea pig cage would be under my desk. Of course Ill move it out from under the desk...
  14. Jennybug89

    Ringworm Update

    So Rosie seems to really be on the mend! I'm treating her with the stuff the vet gave everyday but the hair is already starting to grow back, after just a week! So either I caught it super early or it wasn't ring worm at all. She's back in two weeks for a check and a mange injection but I'm so...
  15. Jennybug89

    New Piggy Home

    New cage arrived today from Zooplus! Can't for the life of me manage to get the handles or clips on it! But I'm glad with the size. Rosie is much better now, her face is starting to clear, so soon she'll be moving into this cage with a pal! Got a few little toys and bits of the new arrival too!
  16. Jennybug89

    Cage Or Grid Base

    For those of you who don't use fleece to line the bottom of your cage or grid set up, what do you like to use? I have softwood shavings at the moment which work perfectly fine. The only thing os she like to pull her veg out of its bowls to eat so some shavings get stuck to them and she eats them...
  17. Jennybug89

    Thorough Cage Clean Out

    What cleaners or disinfectants do you guys use to give your cages a thorough wash? I want to make sure I'm using something piggy safe :nod:
  18. Jennybug89

    Diy To Help Her Settle In

    So we've had Rosie for just under two weeks now and I'm doing everything I can to make her life happy and healthy! Spent two hours last night on Instagram and Pinterest looking at Guinea pig diy ideas and ended up making her a hammock out of a no longer loved One Direction blanket (my daughters)...
  19. SabreRose

    Is This A Good Setup?/run Questions.

    Hi. I'm getting a pair of Guinea pigs in the near future and I was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on my setup idea for them. They'll be living in a shed and my plan is to buy them a double hutch and connect it to a run for them. My plan is to buy this hutch And connect...
  20. Ariangel

    Laminate Cage?

    Yes it's me again with another question! :roll: So today a friend was telling me about a new cage she was going to be making for her guinea pigs out of laminate flooring. She had spare flooring left over so she is using that as the sides for her cage and for the floor she is using vinyl with...