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  1. J

    Pre-bonding advice

    Hi all, posting in a new (hopefully correct) thread, apologies if not! We have just taken in Misty a beautiful 10m Abyssinian rescue, to hopefully make a new pair with Miles our 2yr neutered boar after he sadly lost his brother Husky. We have read and read the bonding guidelines (thank you so...
  2. fdgd

    New owner here tips would be appreciated

    Hello there i am a new pig owner, a mother and a daughter pig. I have never had pigs before tho i have done bit research before hand but. Any advice or tips for a first starter out? They have eat piece of cucumber so far and little of the food the wee one seems not be hungry or just getting...
  3. B

    2 boars how much space? And bed recommendations

    Hello I'm just about to rescue 2 boys, I'm having them inside in a c and c cage setup How many feet or how many c and c grids is needed. Was planning on doing 5 grids by 3 which works out nearly 6ft by 4ft is that to big to small ideal They'd be on fleece bedding to start, may swap to...
  4. a.hoover165

    I'm a new piggy owner and need help! Is this something to be worried about?

    S'mores used to be my niece's but she didn't care for her properly so she was given to me. When I got her she had growths on her front legs but I took her to a vet and she just trimmed them and said they weren't an issue. One of the growths was ripped off when Smores jumped off my lap this...
  5. Jellyfish

    Two weeks and one day with my guinea pigs!

    Hi all! Just wanna write an update on what it feels like to be a guinea pig's (or two) slaves :) It feels absolutely WONDERFUL! And I am super glad that I joined this forum, it helps me a lot even though I am not from the UK. I never felt like this before, everytime I see my boars, it feels...
  6. C

    Newbie here - Vetbed - non slip help!

    Hi, I’m setting up a home for some guinea piggies :luv:(we haven’t any yet) and I’ve ordered vetbed non slip for the bottom of the cage which I’ve been advised is the wrong one to use :(. Please is there anything else I could use this for for the piggies?
  7. H

    Cage advice for a total newbie!

    Hi all! We’re looking to get 2 guinea pigs in a couple of weeks (is 2 an ok number or should we get 3?). They’ll live outside while it’s warm and we’ll bring them in during the winter. I’ve read SO many different views online that I’m even more confused than before I researched! Could you...
  8. M

    do i need to get this?

    hi! I'm right now researching to get guinea pigs! i just read an article that said pigs need mineral blocks, salt blocks and vitamin tablets. i have not read this on any other websites and i want to check if this is true. thanks! :roll:
  9. D


    Hello! So, recently I had a gerbil that passed and to I guess comfort me, my dad decided he was going to get me another animal I wanted. After looking over stories of different rodents, I said a quick no to hamsters after I saw a lot of stories of how aggressive they could be, and I felt wrong...
  10. LothianCavies

    Boar help!

    Hello, we are new guinea pig owners. After thinking about getting cavies for years I saw someone in our village had babies that required urgent homes due to them moving. I did a bad thing - I acted on impulse and said we would take them. However, when they dropped them off they gave us three...
  11. oofitsnaomi

    Hay Feeder

    Hi:D I was just browsing around and I found a post of someone saying that their piggy died because it got caught in the hay rack? I just wanted to make sure mine was safe. It's this one All Living Things® Wooden Hay Feeder | small pet Feeders & Water Bottles | PetSmart Thanks!
  12. VeronicaRadd

    First Week With My Piggies!

    Just wanted to share an update on our new family members. They seem to be adjusting well! They both let me hold them and haven't bitten me yet. One is a little more shy than the other but I hope overtime she grows to feel safe around me! Today we went out and got them a bunch of fresh...
  13. yayoiharuko

    Am I Welcome Here As A Newbie?

    Since I was cut pretty hard in the last guinea pig forum that I joined, I feel the need to make sure I'm actually welcome here. Yes, I'm a newby. I'm not perfect. I don't know everything about guinea pigs. This doesn't mean I'm not trying and not doing research and learning more daily. I...
  14. S

    How Cold Is Too Cold?

    Hi all, I have two lovely female piggies who I acquired earlier this year. They live outdoors, in a two level hutch that has mesh over 3/4 of the front, and then a 'bedroom' area with wooden walls all the way around so it's a bit more enclosed. I've been bringing them indoors when the...
  15. VeganIzzy

    Guinea Pig Routines?

    This was also posted in another category but I received no replies so am searching for hope in this one! I am getting two Guinea Pigs tomorrow, they're boys and both are two and a half. They're from a friend who couldn't look after them any longer. I was reading upon routines and schedules, and...
  16. Cazzie Bliss

    Is My Fleece Wicked Yet ?

    Hello Piggie Lovers. I'm currently in the prep for switching over to fleece bedding as it really appeals to me. I've washed my fleece 3 times and I can't tell if it's been wicked or not. Last night tested a piece and it went right through. This morning tried again and it pools for a second...
  17. SKmum2016

    Which Hutch Would You Choose Out Of The Two

    Hi all, having doing research for the last 2 months on guinea pigs and rabbits we have finally decided to go for guinea pigs :-) I have looked through pages and pages of hutch setups on this forum and have finalised 2 hutches that I really like, as below Option 1: 5 ft home and roost rabbit...
  18. Moomin91

    Unhappy Piggy? Worried Newbie Owner Advice Needed

    Hi all proud newbie owner here that has been researching and reading countless forums on here already to prepare myself for the new arrivals but I really need some more advice and couldn't find any similar thread, I'm rather worried about one of our new Guinea pigs we brought 3 females home...
  19. shujuju

    Can Guinea Pigs Travel With Me Between Two Houses Often?

    so I used to own a guinea pig years ago and he was the sweetest little piggy, I loved him so much, but alas he lived at my moms house and I was not with him enough to take care of him and the burden was left on my mother. This lead to her giving away my piggy and I do miss him, but I have been...
  20. PeanutandGus

    Adopting More..

    So I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the moment.. I currently have two beautiful boys who I adore- they are 5 months old and live in the kitchen :nod: On my last few visits to pets at home for supplies for the piggies there have been two boys in the adoption section who are super cute. Now...