1. soupgirls

    First-time handling!

    Hey! I’m the owner of two young female guinea pigs and I’ve had them for almost three weeks now. They trust me, don’t run away, eat out of my hand, even put their front legs on my hand to get to food in my palm. I mistakenly thought it would be best to handle them right away - and stopped...
  2. Lizzieejoyce

    Itching: What should I do?

    Hello again you helpful bunch! Hope you’re all doing well. I rescued two females (sisters, approx 4 years old) last week and one in particular is itching quite a bit and has a patch of torn hair/a bald patch on her back. The itching seems more frequent now. I have an appointment on Monday...
  3. Isabela

    Cuddling Time - Stretching, Yawning And Grooming

    When I cuddle my piggies they are usually calm and lay down and enjoy the petting. They are also very vocal and are talking to me all the time. Todays one was stretching and yawning while being cuddled. She's usually shy. So this surprised me. The other one was also being cuddled after that and...
  4. W


    I have two girls, an american (Nymeria) and a peruvian (Bubbles). Nymeria loves it when I pet her and I when I rub her cheeks in both directions. I some times fluff her fur in the other direction, just around the head and she doesn't seem to mind it and is relaxed. I read that it is bad to do...
  5. Louspiggs

    Good Or Bad?

    ive had two boars for roughly a month and today i was sitting cross legged on the floor while they were out of the cage. one of my boys came onto my lap (i havent enticed him with anything) and he let me stroke him for about 5 minutes which is quite long for him as all he wants to do is run laps...
  6. Einahpets16

    Licking... Good Sign?

    Hi. I'm actually really happy because a month ago I got Agatha my baby girl. So it's been a "learning every day" kind of experience. But I think now I can understand her better and when she wants food, hay, attention or when she wants to be by herself. Recently I notice she licks my hand...