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  1. Natrista

    Macaroni And Cheese!

  2. Jesse's pigs

    Just A Dose Of Piggy Pics :)

    I'm no photographer but felt like getting a few pics of my boys tonight- why not? :lol!: Thought I'd share them on here because they actually cooperated for once...who knows maybe we'll try get some valentines ones taken soon.
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Mo & Steve Update 2

    Thought I'd give another update on my two boys- and once again thank you all for my help. It's apparent now that Steve is going through his hormone stage but no fall out has happened. Occasionally Steve mounts Mo but he doesn't seem too bothered. They've started popcorning together and almost...
  4. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    Sanctuary Peeeegs

    Many piggies :D Toffee and Fudge were surrendered to my work place, and because Toffee has lots of unusual cysts and both ladies are elderly they are now permanent Sanctuary residents! Toffee is left and sister Fudge is right. The mysterious stretch-pig! Kissy kissy! And little Jakob! Such a...