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  1. Siikibam

    Half Way Decent Photos - Finally!

    Today was cleanout the cage day, so the children had a cuddle while I was sorting it out. Our first photo opportunity presented itself so I tried. But they were kind of moving around :whistle::D These are the best of the few (many) I took. :love: :drool: :luv:
  2. PigFoodStall

    Guinea Pig's Names And Pics?

    Let's see your cute little dudes. >:3 My Sheldon, when he was little. And my Eddy, a recent pic.
  3. TheCavySlave

    Duncan And Godfrey

    Sorr for the sudden onslaught of pics, just haven't done any for a while :) Roar! That C shape of relaxation. So. Cute. :zzz: Godfrey loves his bed. Seriously, he loves it. Om nom nom Lazy days. Choooken legs!
  4. Guinea Days

    Our Piggys

    cute crazy adventures funny THE BEST EVER LIVING mad loving smart handsome boys names: tufty and nibbs fav food: BEENS AND SALAD! we love them :) tell us the info about your piggys what they like to do and eat and maybe describe their character a little and possibly a CUTE pic...