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  1. Oinkpiggies

    My sweet piggy Einstein

    I had to show this pic of my piggy licking my nose. He is like a little dog i love him so much :’)
  2. Kirbs

    painting 😀

    the art and the inspiration
  3. Kirbs


    here is howard this is louie and mr muffin
  4. Laura M.


  5. elian

    Emmie’s Intro: A.K.A Troublesome Lovable Bean

    Name: Emmie No idea why I can’t type her nickname so I’ll just not put it... My glamour shot: Silliest Photo: When I put brocolli on her head because it turns out she will not touch it. She walked around like this for about a minute without shaking it off 😂 Cutest thing about me...
  6. astr0

    Developing guinea pig browser game - your input required

    Some of you have seen my posts about the guinea pig browser game i'm developing. Long story short, I've done a lot of the coding, Id like to start working on the breed art. the art will be a major part of the game, for cute visuals reasons. I have been drawing guinea pigs since *counts* like...
  7. Jesse's pigs

    Just A Dose Of Piggy Pics :)

    I'm no photographer but felt like getting a few pics of my boys tonight- why not? :lol!: Thought I'd share them on here because they actually cooperated for once...who knows maybe we'll try get some valentines ones taken soon.
  8. Jesse's pigs

    Piggy Photoshoot

    For those who may not have instagram (yep my boys have an account :lol!:which has way more followers than my own) Mo & Steve recently won a giveaway (well were one of three winners). Their prizes came today- a bag of dried veg and a nice mix of dried herbs etc that smells wonderful. Obviously I...
  9. Jesse's pigs


    Didn't really know what to title the thread seeing as it's just me sharing some of my favourite pictures of the boys. But most of the pictures are from their instagram account so yeah that's why it's titled 'mo_steve_delightful.duo' for those wondering :lol!: Anyway seeing as we all love a good...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Mo & Steve Update 2

    Thought I'd give another update on my two boys- and once again thank you all for my help. It's apparent now that Steve is going through his hormone stage but no fall out has happened. Occasionally Steve mounts Mo but he doesn't seem too bothered. They've started popcorning together and almost...
  11. Jesse's pigs

    Chooken Leg!!

    @sport_billy I thought you might like this... and I had to share the other photo cos it made me laugh so hard! I was trying to take a picture of him sleeping to show my auntie how much he was loving his new cage and he does that! Lol
  12. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    Sanctuary Peeeegs

    Many piggies :D Toffee and Fudge were surrendered to my work place, and because Toffee has lots of unusual cysts and both ladies are elderly they are now permanent Sanctuary residents! Toffee is left and sister Fudge is right. The mysterious stretch-pig! Kissy kissy! And little Jakob! Such a...
  13. Megannah

    Piggie Photo Shoot

    My pigs love there photo being taken:)
  14. Guineapigfeet

    Stretchy Pig

    Rey out and about during floor time. A second after this picture, Chewie jumped I to the crate and Rey shut the door behind her!
  15. kitkat1

    I Accidentaly Took A Picture With The Flash Of My Pig

    So i was trying to take a picture pf my piggy when the flash went off. My heart sank to my stomach, as I did not mean to do that. My device has an "auto" feature for the flash, which means it will automatically turn on the flash when the room is relatively dark. I felt so bad after I took it...