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  1. GeePeeMama

    Here's my furry friends, share yours : )

    1st image is our sweetie Chip, took him outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. 2nd image are the OG GP's Cheesecake and Lemon, Cheesecake is the one facing away from the camera. The 3rd is our 5 year old dog Carrie, she'll be 6 in April. Last image is Lemon again. Don't have a pic of our GP...
  2. TrevsHere

    Rosie & Lyra 💕

    It’s taken me a little while to choose their names but this is Rosie (Crested) and Lyra (FluffBall). They’ve been with me for 11 days. Rosie is the more confident of the two and will take food from me. Lyra is very timid and food from me must be poisonous. They both enjoy zoomies and...
  3. H

    Meet Lilly and Millie (sisters)

    My beautiful girls hopefully settle in okay over the next couple of weeks and live a long and happy life. Lilly (brown and white) Millie (brown, black and white)
  4. E

    Mushroom, Marmalade, Cheddar and Chickpea

    My 4 beautiful 4 month old girlies. Safe to say I am o b s e s s e d.
  5. Jesse's pigs

    Xmas pigs

    Just thought id spread some cheer with my boys. who else got their piggies some spoils? They got a tunnel, new ceramic dish, hay cookies and treats! I shall also attach bellamys festive pics as he wasn’t left out but for some reason his will not load
  6. Mage of Mist

    Cuteness overloads and a lot of fluff, beware!

    I hot two rescue piggles, Percy and Pedro, and have proceeded to spoil them with tons of love and cuddles. 😄 Here's their introduction post, also crammed with adorable photos. Here's the boys bring introduced to their elderly neighbor, Scrappy my Japanese Quail who turned 4 on the 11th of...
  7. Laura-Mae

    The Ever-Expanding Tale of Rost

    Meet Rost! Well...you may have already met him in his intro thread, but here he is for you to meet again! I figured this would be the best place to post updates. I just so happen to love taking pics of my precious guy, so of course said updates will have pics (and sometimes videos) to go with...
  8. GuineaPigNoob

    Cute piggies! 😊

    Now this, my friends, is a REAL pig in a blanket! ❤️ Post cute piggy pictures, please please please?
  9. Kallasia

    Custom Portraits From Guinea Pig Wheekly :)

    Hi all! So, for my dad's birthday, I got him some custom prints of the grandpigs! I thought you might all like to see :) Arrival: Opening: Unwrapping: Framing: The photo doesn't really do it justice, so you'll have to use your imaginations! I got him one of them together, on a Man City FC...
  10. Nibsandtuft

    What Food Do Guinea Pigs Like?

    We have two male guinea pigs and they love the normal food like beans and cucumber etc. But we would like to try them on something different ! Any ideas :hmm:
  11. Bella123

    Introducing......my New Additions.

    Hi Everyone, I've been on the forum for two weeks now and have yet to post any photos of my two lovely additions. I've seen so many lovely pictures :love: :love: , I thought it would be nice to put some up too. I got them...well six weeks as of today, and am very much enjoying looking after...
  12. WafflesCupcakes

    Pigture Contest 2!

    Alright! Here's the second annual unofficial pigture contest! This time there's a theme... Piggy Friends! Enter your cutest photo of your pigs cuddling, playing or snoozing together (or anything else together XD ) or maybe you are your piggies best friend, selfies always welcome ;) other...
  13. WafflesCupcakes

    Unofficial Pigture Contest!

    For fun, I've decided to hold a little picture contest for your pigs! All you have to do is enter your best pigture and tell me a bit about your pig! I will judge the best one on January 5th, and the winner will get a sketch of their winning pig (I'm a bit of an artist :D) Here is an example...
  14. Guinea Days

    Shout Outs

    All you have to do is this thread and show us the most hilarious picture of your piggys. The best picture will get a shout out in our next thread and a cute extra pic of our piggys. Good luck xx guinea days x
  15. Wiebke

    My Guinea Pig Looks Like... ( Add Your Own!)

    My Minx (RIP 2007) does Albert Einstein!
  16. crnyng

    Piggie Pictures Pt.2

    I'm pretty obsessed with the cuteness of my pigs, as we all are with our pigs, and I just can't get enough pictures of them that I always want to share! So enjoy! (: They will all be posted singly.
  17. ChewyTheGuinea

    I Had A Sleepover

    So let me give you videos/photos of them
  18. Piggiemum7

    Post Your Pictures Of Piggy Lips!

    Post your pictures of piggy lips below for everyone to drool over