pig hurting

  1. M

    My guinea pig jumped off my lap from about a less than a foot off the ground. Help!

    So my guinea pig is a female, she’s about exactly a year old. Yesterday she was on my lap and we were sitting together when she suddenly leaped off my lap and fell onto the floor. I’m not sure exactly how she landed, but i’m afraid she maybe got shocked or scared. She’s eating perfectly fine...
  2. Ladeofshade

    Emergency Really Worried - Piggy badly straining and not eating

    Hello, I’ve just joined. I hope someone can help. My guinea pig is not himself, he’s not eating much, he’s oinking (much more than normal, not all happy oinks) but every 2 minutes you can see him strain really hard and he oinks. He has had some poos come out but don’t seem as normal. I have an...