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  1. Beans&Toast

    Photo Update...

    Haven't posted any photos of the pigs lately, better fix that :drool: Beans is doing amazing considering she was spayed 2 weeks ago and has since pulled out her stitches and then pulled out the staple that was put in in place of the stitches... nothing stops that pig, not even cataracts :love...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Piggy Pictures, Just Because..

    I've taken about a million photos of Beans and Toast in the space of a couple of days. They're just so beautiful I can't help myself :love:
  3. Beans&Toast

    Piggy Lips And Chooken Leg

    Pretty Toastie after a much needed brush:luv: Piggy lips :love: More piggy lips from Beans:drool: It's hard work being a piggy, Beans needs a little lie down :wub: Bunk bed pigs:D
  4. Beans&Toast

    Pancake Pig

    This photo of Beans always makes me laugh, she's flat as a pancake, looks like she's melting into me:drool::D
  5. Piggiemum7

    Post Your Pictures Of Piggy Lips!

    Post your pictures of piggy lips below for everyone to drool over