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  1. N

    Setting up home - outdoor playhouse

    So I am buying piggies this summer, 2 girls. I am setting things up this month before we get them. I have bought a small playhouse, 4x4, I am planning to insulate with reflective bubble insulation and then go over with plywood. First question is how far up the wall do I need to cover with...
  2. court29x

    long time no see..

    Haven't been on here in ages! Finished college for the year and its now officially my summer! Been just over a year I've had my 2 little piggies, they are still absolutely mental but still happy and healthy! Struggling to find shade in the garden for them :no: first thing this morning I put...
  3. Petelixon

    Shed Or Playhouse?

    Hi. I was wondering do you prefer playhouses or sheds for your piggies? Anyone has any pictures of your set ups? Thank you x
  4. Littlewheekers

    Help Few Questions

    Thinking of housing my pigs outside in a playhouse all year around, some may not agree with this but my pigs love it more outside they seem more tame strangly. So does anyone know any good playhouses, maximum sizes being 5x5ft, or company's that make them in the uk? Any other outside...
  5. Littlewheekers

    Playhouse Questions!

    Okay, so I might be getting a 4x4 playhouse for my 2 guinea pigs, Sula and Poppy... Which means I might be able to get 2 more piggies, So I need to know how to transform one! How to safely separate it in two! And how to store things as I have made a compromise to get my stuff out of the shed...