poo sticking to bum

  1. MeganSambrook

    Going downhill - vet advice

    Hi our Bobby (boar) has recently had ‘tear drop shaped’ poo - only for a day or two so thought we would keep an eye on and thought maybe it was introduction of the new herbs. Today he has really not been his usual self, quiet in his little house and not coming out or eating as much. I had him...
  2. Z

    trouble passing

    Hi! Gus (once again) seems to be in a bit of a situation. During his body check today, i noticed he had clumps of poop stuck in him. He hasn’t been crying or making any noises out of the ordinary so i’m quite concerned on the little guy. He’s turning 3 this year. Any help would be great . i’m so...
  3. K

    9 week old skinny pigs poop question

    Hey! So 2 days ago I got 2 skinny pigs and I’m struggling a bit with them and struggling to find information online about them... When they came here their poo was softer than it should be but I’ve minimised watery veg and it seems to have helped... however, they are both still getting...
  4. J

    Why Does My Guinea Pig Have Stringy Poo Sticking To Her Bum?

    So, I have a guinea pig named Caramel, and she is 5 and will be 6 in about 2 or 3 months. (Nobody knows her real birthday.) She seems to be going through pain lately, and I hate to see her like this. She has been sort of hopping, sort of limping on her back legs instead of walking on them, and...