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poop size

  1. lydvn

    Small/Sunflower seed-looking poops

    So, randomly today me and my partner have noticed our guinea pig Mali's poops are a bit different than normal. They look just the same as her normal ones, but a bit smaller and a little bit of a point at the tip of one end. We recently have put her on a low-calcium diet because her cage-mate...
  2. Ominester

    Pointy, moist, short, and smelly poop.

    One of my guinea pigs (very much could be both now :(), Zavala (the one in my profile pic) consistently has off and on digestive issues. When not having issues her poop is the normal shape, dark brown and shiny/moist looking after coming out. When she has had mushy and teardrop-shaped poop, my...
  3. D

    Small, Skinny Guinea pig poop - any insight welcome!

    Morning all, I've just gone to clear out the cage and give morning veg for our two Guinea pigs Cinnamon and Willow (both 2.5 years old) and found several strange poops in the cage. I've not seen anything like it before: (mixed in with some normal looking ones so i don't think its both of them)...
  4. H

    Clumpy poop

    Please help! My Guinea pigs (female, 6 years old) have very clumpy poop. I’m freaking out because someone said they may have internal bleeding!
  5. Puddles1999

    Different poop sizes?

    Good evening, I have three guinea pigs in the same cage and when I’ve been spot cleaning their cage, I notice small poops. Some a decent size smaller than the others. I do have an Abyssinian, and two Americans. While my Abyssinian is a bit smaller than the other two, I’m not sure if these...