1. Percypatch

    Soft, mushy poop

    Hey everyone, My piggy Percy has had soft mushy poop for a couple of days now. This has happened before however, it went away within a day. Sometimes the poop will even smell quite a bit. Not always though. I’m just wondering what I should do to help him. I’ve read online that completely...
  2. HappyCavies

    Mystery Poop and Unwell Piggy

    *** Hello lovely piggy people - just a warning in case anyone's eating or such: poop pictures ahead! *** We are worried and very confused about our 2 year old female guinea pigs mystery poops. We have tried to read about anything similar everywhere, but unfortunately still clueless, so hoping...
  3. K

    9 week old skinny pigs poop question

    Hey! So 2 days ago I got 2 skinny pigs and I’m struggling a bit with them and struggling to find information online about them... When they came here their poo was softer than it should be but I’ve minimised watery veg and it seems to have helped... however, they are both still getting...
  4. lilpiggi

    Guinea pig poop as plant fertilizer?

    I am currently attempting to make liquid fertilizer from my guinea pigs droppings and I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar to this and if so how did it turn out? At the moment I have placed about two days worth of poop from two guinea pigs into about 2-3 litres of water and it...
  5. wheek!guinea

    Normal poop?

    Hello! Sorry if this is gross, but I am concerned. Is this poop normal? It is a little bit mushy, so we took him off of veggies for 24 hours to see if that helps. He is eating and drinking just fine, even active. I gave him bene-bac plus to help his gut and digestion.
  6. ashleemelda

    Questions After Vet Visit

    I've posted on here several times (so very sorry!) about having taken my girls to the vet on Monday, December 2 in large part due to the fact that the frequency of their poops had gone down significantly. They were prescribed Bactrim (SMZ-TMP) to take twice daily in case it was the start of an...
  7. ashleemelda

    Frequency of Poop; Medication Not Helping

    A couple weeks ago, I made a post detailing how both my girls' poop had become much lighter in color and was very dry even immediately after being dropped. On top of that, while they had been pooping, it was significantly less than I was used to seeing, especially first thing in the morning...
  8. ashleemelda

    Changes in Poop / Drinking Habits

    I am beginning to worry about my two guinea pigs' poop. For the last several days, both of their droppings have been lighter in color and very dry (PICTURE ATTACHED BELOW) even immediately after they go to the bathroom. Additionally, while there has been a significant amount of poop in the cage...
  9. J

    Troubles going to the bathroom

    My little boy Oswald is having discomfort peeing and pooping. He is 2 years old and recently (about 2 weeks ago) got off of antibiotics for a URI. He had issues going to the bathroom while on the antibiotics but he was on Natural Science Digestive Support (and still is) and that really helped...
  10. G

    Vet! One or both?

    Hi! I have two piggies (Patches and Carmal). My parents recently allowed me to bring them to the vet because of their persistent soft poops. However, they are worried about money. The last time I took Patches to the vet it cost a good bit of money. He had a mild infection, but is fine now. My...
  11. G

    Persistent Soft Poop/Stool! Help!

    Hi! I have two boars. Patches and Carmal. I posted another thread about this, but it has not gotten better. I’m really worried. I live in the US, so I would not be able to get fibreplex. He does not have diarrhea but both of their poops are soft. I have not taken them to the vet, since my...
  12. P

    Baytril's side effects?

    Hi! So my guinea pigs have been on Baytril for nine days now (today is the tenth), and I've noticed a few things in one of them, Popcorn. Yesterday, i noticed that her poops were smaller than usual. Some poops i found were even just tiny balls of poop, literally TINY. Some were mushy, while...
  13. doodlecountry

    Light Colored Poop?

    I noticed that there are lighter poops in the cage that are more of a khaki/tan color and are the same normal consistency and aren't slimy. Usually, their poops are "normal" and I haven't changed their diet. What could cause this change, and more importantly, is it a sign of illness?
  14. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    **Tiny poops (1/5 size as usual)**

    I am going to get the girls into an exotic vet tomorrow asap (it's about 1am here), but in the meantime I need some advice! I'm getting so worried I'm wondering if I should stay up all night with them. Tonight I realised that my girl Lup has been doing poops all day that are tiny, about 1/4 or...
  15. samji

    No poops (but eating, drinking..)

    Hi all I posted last week Bloat - help! Jack has been up and down. Another trip to the exotic vet last night showed from x ray that his gas has massively improved and has literally gone, he also feels squishy. In himself he is also largely the same. He has really good days and poops loads and...
  16. A

    Poop question?

    So 3 days ago one of my pigs past away, he was rushed to an emergency vet and diagnosed with pneumonia but passed away that night...after he past I totally disinfected the cage and bedding for my remaining pig. My vet said it’s possible but not likely my other pig would have caught it, so to...
  17. P

    Do Not Use “Nu-Stock” ointment!

    About a month and a half ago, one of my three piggies (Buffy) got ringworm. A family member of mine told me she used a product called “Nu-Stock” animal ointment on her dog when she had ringworm and it went away. I did a lot of research on it, but found no information about it specifically...
  18. GeorgiaHarris

    Something large stuck in his bum

    I noticed that there was a pink patch on my piggies fleece and assumed it was my 4/5 year old boar as it was in his spot where he sleeps all the time. I googled and found that it could be blood in his urine or that his urine had just oxidated, I saw post saying I should put him on a white towel...
  19. Kevin_Haae

    Sort Of Odd/silly Health Questions From A Newbie Piggie Owner

    So I've bought two piggies from a pet store (no adoption agencies around me as far as I know), and while they seem happy, I wanted to ask 2 things about their health. First question: how often do piggies sneeze typically? my piggies have been sneezing a bit more then I'd expect. I have them in...
  20. J

    Poops Sticking To Fleece

    Hello, Ive owned 2 guinea pigs for about a year. I originally used fleece bedding but it was too difficult to clean the cage because the poop and hay kept sticking to the fleece.I had to switch over to paper bedding but now i want to give fleece another shot. I created a kitchen area so the hay...