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  1. D

    straining to poop

    my girl is straining to poop, often (just started today) and she lets out painful-sounding squeaks:( when she does this, the poop that comes out is clumped and somewhat mushy & stinky. i suspect the culprit is my mom feeding the two pigs carrots yesterday, since they didn't have veggies in their...
  2. bexxcarrie

    Wonky poops

    Hi there, For the past few days, my female pig Selma (2 yrs old) has been doing different shaped poops, from tear dropped and too mushy to harder but not uniform, with some being smaller and so on. I've been trying to take veggies out of her diet and have given her some Dualcare nuggets. I have...
  3. D

    Small, Skinny Guinea pig poop - any insight welcome!

    Morning all, I've just gone to clear out the cage and give morning veg for our two Guinea pigs Cinnamon and Willow (both 2.5 years old) and found several strange poops in the cage. I've not seen anything like it before: (mixed in with some normal looking ones so i don't think its both of them)...
  4. 910Grace939

    Change In Diet

    I have two Guinea pigs, one of them, Molly, hasn’t been eating her regular foods. I normally feed them lettuce and peppers for their everyday meal with treats sprinkled in. But a month or so ago she started eating less and less of her normal foods. She eats very little pepper, grapes, carrots...
  5. mehartr

    Guinea Pig Baytril Problems

    Hello, I took my piggy to the vet for a possible URI - sneezing, crusty nose and small amounts of wheezing. They prescribed him with Baytril and Doxycycline twice a day for 10 days. By the fourth day, Chester had stopped eating and drinking, wouldn’t touch his pellets or hay, but he still went...
  6. P

    Piggie not pooping

    Hi! My Piggie isn't pooping. She was pooping yesterday really well but today she seems to have stopped. She's not bloated, she's eating lots, and she's acting like herself. I do have cisapride for her but I know it's a hard medicine, should i give it to her (I have the dose and everything from...
  7. K

    Guinea Pig Bloated But Eating

    I have a guinea pig namenamed Rodney that is a year and a half, and I noticed that his stomach is pretty swollen. He is walking strangely, a bit spread out, and is acting pretty timid, but he is eating normal and as far as I can tell, going to the bathroom normal as well. I just brought home a...
  8. D


    my guinea pigs poop turn a slight red if they dry is that ok
  9. charlrose1992

    Just Started Squeaking When Pooping 2 Weeks After Cyst Spay

    Hello, I have been looking after my guinea pig Hector after a spay she got done 2 weeks ago to remove her large ovarian cysts and swollen uterus which was seeping fluid out of her. She has been slowly recovering for the past two weeks as it was a much larger op than the vet anticipated and I...