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  1. antonianicoleee

    Poorly Piggy, Been Told To Prepare For The Worst :(

    Hi everyone. I took Poppy to the vets on Monday. When I took her the time before she weighed just over 1.3. She now weighs 1.02. She has lost quite a lot of weight. The blood is apparently coming out in her urine, not in her poop so apparently this is still cystitis and they think she is just...
  2. Lil3piggies

    Not Eating! Help Please!

    Hello everyone! Worried piggie mummy here! When I got home from work I checked on the pigs as usual, partner had checked on them before he left for work a few hours before I got home and gave them their second lot of greens. When I checked on them Archie was sat in a corner and when I went to...
  3. Streaky

    Crusty Looking Eyes

    Hi all, Streaky has been getting crusty eyes lately, I’ve been told by the nurse to bathe cotton balls in warm water and clean his eyes in that way (this was a couple weeks back when he had his nails trimmed), I’ve been told to clean his eyes everyday as they can get dirty however, the past...
  4. meggles1410

    Very Poorly Pig With Major Weight Loss! Need Info

    hi there! My Maisie has been refusing to eat and drink since last night and haslost far too much weight (she has a chubby belly but can feel ribs etc) and is over all very lethargic! She has made it through the night but vet is stumped and has told me to syringe mushed up pellets and water and...
  5. H

    Severely Underweight And Weak Piggies!

    I'm really really hoping someone can help us. We have three Guinea pigs. One female and two male. The female is the mother of the two boys (she was pregnant when we got her). Our female is just under two. The males are 15 months old. About seven weeks ago they were all healthy. We then noticed...
  6. PiggyRuss

    Coping With Piggy Loss

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. I have just signed up to this forum so I can speak with other piggy lovers and share experiences and get advice. My wife and I have kept two lovely Guinea Pigs, Cairo and Caesar, since we moved in together nearly 8 years ago. They have always lived in the...
  7. P

    Drooling And Runny Nose

    Hey My male Guinea pig Yuki has been drooling excessively like all the way down to his belly , he also has a runny nose and eyes and he won't eat anything although I have seen him drink once I know this is a get him to the vet asap! But I cannot get there until tomorrow I'm really worried as...
  8. T

    Guinea Pig Drinking A Lot Of Water

    Recently my guinea pig has been drinking a lot of water, she is over 6/7 years old I cannot remember exactly, I know that may sound bad but she is a baby of one of my old Guinea pigs☺️ and I was quite young when she was born so I didn't think to remember the date! I'm not sure if she has always...
  9. JoannaMarie

    Ted Had Bladder Surgery On Friday - Still Not Eating Or Moving Much

    I really hope you can advise me. My baby boy Ted had a bladder operation on Friday - they thought it was bladder stones but it was actually a blood clot. He ate a little of his straw yesterday but I was syringe feeding him all day. Today there is no improvement. He didn't move all night. There...
  10. SixPigs

    Poorly Pig, 2 X Kidney Stones, Not Drinking Or Eating , Any Advice Please?

    Am new on here. Please help me. We have 5 guinea pigs and one of the eldest [4 1/2 yo] had stopped eating his veg and looked hunched and squinty eyes so we took to vet on Sat. He checked mouth [ok] and did bloods [all ok] and examined [all ok], but xray showed 2 kidney stones. I did see xray but...