1. Tori11247

    Guinea Pig won’t eat!

    Hi everyone! My little gussy pig seems to of lost his appetite over the last week. He wouldn’t finish his full bowl of veggies and now he won’t touch them at all! He eats small amounts of grass in the garden and some dandelion leaves. He’s been to 2 different vets this week and they have said...
  2. Ladeofshade

    Emergency Really Worried - Piggy badly straining and not eating

    Hello, I’ve just joined. I hope someone can help. My guinea pig is not himself, he’s not eating much, he’s oinking (much more than normal, not all happy oinks) but every 2 minutes you can see him strain really hard and he oinks. He has had some poos come out but don’t seem as normal. I have an...
  3. pipsqueaking

    Why Did My Guinea Pig Die So Young?

    I had 3 guinea pigs, they were all brothers from the same litter. They were all different sizes, one is very big and heavy, the other is just right and likes to play and Pipsqueak (who sadly died not so long ago) has always been very small and delicate. They're all a year and they live in my...