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popcorning guinea pigs

  1. Chip Lillis

    Are my pigs unhappy?

    I have three girls in an 18 square foot cage. All their needs are accommodated for; food, comfy houses, open space. I don’t have many toys, but I don’t think chew toys would really solve my issue. They don’t ever get the zoomies anymore, nor do they often popcorn. I think they do on occasion...
  2. Jesse's pigs


    I never realised how fun floortime could be! The first time I tried it with Mo, I was rather nervous - and he stuck by my side so I think he was too :lol!: but eventually he learnt that my bedroom floor was a safe space and went mental! Now I get them out together as much as possible. I...
  3. Jesse's pigs


    So as you may know I have a tendency to tag some of you quite a bit (sorry lol) so thought for once I'd tag you in a post that doesn't involve a question but a video which I'm sure you'll enjoy... @Wiebke @sport_billy @Flutterby
  4. Jennybug89

    So Today My Piggies Met!

    I decided today to introduce Rosie and Rachel. I feel it was a huge success. Aside from a bit of head nudging from Rosie when Rachel sniffed her a bit too much, and Rachel getting very vocal when Rosie was licking her bum (is that a normal thing?!) they were wheeking together like crazy. And...
  5. Siikibam

    Change To Cage (and Step 1)

    Since I joined the two cages, it eventually became a hassle to clean them out. I'd have to lift off the wire bit of one and clean then let them run into it so I can clean the other. Getting the bars back on was the bothersome part of it. so I bought some c&c grids and swapped out. It'll be sooo...
  6. Jennybug89

    It's The Little Things!

    I just saw my little Rosie "popcorning" for the first time while making noise, which she never has before! It was just lovely... I think she's finally settling in!:love::D
  7. RJade

    Bonding Take 2

    ANOTHER BONDING QUESTION My final guineapig out of the separated pair got his friend today. Put them in together, just cracked on as if they've always been together. Lots of popcorning, eating together and only a bit of rumbling and smelling. Is that alright? 0 experience of a bonding session...
  8. E_Blackaby

    Popcorning Or Something Else?

    Hi! Basically I adopted one of my 4 pigs Poppy about 2 weeks ago (she came paired with my other girl Gigi) and she's great I love her she's so lively and naughty. She just keeps doing this weird little thing I have included some screen shots from a video I took to show you because I couldn't...
  9. Celine298


    Just a fun little post to see how often (if ever) everyone's Piggies popcorn :) I might get one, maybe two a week from Lola :( But Sunny popcorns a lot! When I clean their cage (twice a day), when I feed them (twice a day), when I set up their 'floor time' boxes, when he's running around the...
  10. Ezzie

    Rolling Over / Popcorning?

    Hiya! (I've never done one of these so i have no idea if i'm doing it right!) I just wanted to come on here and see what you guys think about one of my little piggies, Nina. Her and Nelly are only 13 weeks and so are basically balls of energy at the moment. I get them out for regular runs and...
  11. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs Popcorning

    Here's the link. Like and subscribe!