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    Help with pregnant guineapig

    Hi all i have a pregnant guineapig named mrs pig that i got about 9 weeks ago from a breeder i was told she may be pregnant and I'm 100% sure she is as she just got bigger and bigger and now i can see the babies moving around i have had a guineapig have babies when i was a child and everything...
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    Really Ill Pregant Skinny Pig! Help!

    My skinny pig called piggy is going through her first pregnancy and now she looks really ill. I'm young so i cant travel anywhere at nearly 1am to get help I'm just begging for some advice. (Piggy) is acting very wierd like shes naturally warm and now shes cold and squinting her eyes and when...
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    Could My Piggie Be Pregnant?

    I got two Guinea pigs from the local shelter about a week ago. My first pigs! The shelter knew very little about the pigs medical history, and they thought one of the pigs has a vitiam C deficiency because her fur is very coarse and stands up weirdly, and she has bald spots behind her ears. But...