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  1. P

    Not Eating Pellets or Treats

    Hey! My guinea pig Pumpkin just turned 3. I took her and her cagemate to the vet because some of the poops were looking concerning. I wasn't able to go in, so I dropped them off. My vet called me and said that she saw concerning stuff in her eyes and recommened some treatments. She believed it...
  2. toodledoodler

    When to stop giving probiotics?

    Hello! My 2 boars are (finally, it has been a bumpy ride) nearing the end of their antibiotic treatment - for how long after my piggies’ last antibiotics dose should I continue giving them probiotics? And how long after they stop taking antibiotics are they more susceptible to illness? They have...
  3. Piggywheekers

    Benebac equivalent UK

    Hello UK piggie owners. Our boy Squash was recently on antibiotics and his poops are still a little soft and smelly. We saw that lots of people recommend benebac probiotic, however it will take over a week to ship to us as the only suppliers are in the US I’ve seen some other probiotics in my...
  4. E


    Hi everyone, my guinea pig has been prescribed the antibiotic Trim/Sulfa for her eye infection (she has a bacteria) and I was wondering if I had to also give her probiotics ?
  5. Bayberrybae

    Need advice on Doxycycline !

    Hey! Sarah again, you've probably seen me on here quite frequently lately. Disclaimer: I'm just looking for some advice from those who have experience with antibiotics with piggies, it's okay if you're not a vet! :nod: So, two of my girls currently have URI's, and are both on the antibiotic...
  6. M

    Clumpy poops

    Hello all! I am new to owning guinea pigs, I have had my piggies for about 2 weeks now. Both piggies are males around 4 months in age, their names are Milo and Mason :) Unfortunately, when I adopted my piggies they had a URI that the current owner was not willing to treat. So, I took them to a...
  7. P

    Possible aspiration

    Hey all, I'm new to the guinea pig forum and ive currently rekindled my love for guinea pigs. This post is going to be fairly long so sorry in advance :) I bought 2 little boars just over a week a go from p@h, which ive recently found out are notorious for bad animal welfare. One of my boys...
  8. Puddles1999

    Abnormal poops

    A little while ago, I’ve posted that one of my girls has weird poops. They had a slight point to them and lately I’ve noticed even weirder poops in their cage. I will include a picture. I seen that it could be dehydration but I’ve seen them both drinking. It seems like their water bottle has not...
  9. raining.ashes

    Sneezing/pneumonia/lousy vet

    So far I have spent nearly twelve hundred dollars at this vet's office trying to clear my two guinea pigs of what the vet said was streptoccal pneumonia. She also said the tests claimed the bacteria was tested not to be resisted to the antibiotics she gave me. After two rounds of antibiotics in...
  10. Shelby._.

    Is This A Safe Probiotic?

    So my guinea pig is on antibiotics and I've been giving him smashed up healthy guinea pig poo as a probiotic. As I was scrolling around on the website I order most of my pet supplies off of I came across this product. Has anyone ever used it or do you think it is ok to use? I'm asking because...
  11. JuliaBear

    Using National Geographic Hay Topper?

    Hi everyone, I've noticed recently that my un-neutered male guinea pig (~3yrs old) is pooping out smaller poops with one tapered end. I'm reading that probiotics can help digestion. I came across this product: National Geographic™ Nutritious Topping Timothy Hay Small Pet Food | small pet Hay |...