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  1. thedosboys

    Boys don't chew is that a problem?

    I'm the dad of Diego and Manny, they are a bonded pair about 3 years of age. When I first thought about getting guinea pigs everyone says that they are going to chew, so make things chew proof or give them things to chew on. But I've had my boys for almost a month and.... They don't chew. I...
  2. W

    Heteropteryx dilatata (jungle nymph) egg question

    I have bought a pair of jungle nymps, a male and female. Now they're all grown up, i have even seen them mating. Recently after i gave them new leaves to eat, i put the female in their tank and out of the blue she started laying eggs (she was wiggling her abdomen in the substrate, next day i...
  3. A

    My Piggie Won't Eat Veggies

    Hello! My name is Aurora and my guinea pig's name is Slipper. He refuses to eat any other vegetable than carrots, and it's rather worrying for me. What changes should I make to his diet, and what veggies do you recommend to add? What vegetables and how much of them should I give in addition to...
  4. C

    Fleece Bedding Laundry Nightmare

    So I have had a fleece liner for a long time now, and since I got tired of handwashing it, I decided to buy a pet laundry bag so I could wash it in the laundry machine. Yesterday, I tried out the laundry bag for the first time. I only have one fleece liner, so I placed that inside the bag and...
  5. V

    Guinea pig losing balance

    Hi! My guinea pig is nearly a year old and he had a castration month and a half ago. Since then he has slowly started losing weight and losing balance. He was 900g and now is 650g. I'm force feeding him with emeraid intensive care and he is eating on his own too but less than before. He doesn't...
  6. jenibee

    Hay in back of eye?

    Today morning I saw my guinea pig had a small piece of hay in his eye and as I tried to get it out but it just seemed to have gone on further into it. When I look at it now there isn't any sign of it so I'm not really sure whether it fell off or not. He's not squinting or anything right now and...
  7. D

    I think i'm a bad guinea pig owner, please help.

    so this is gonna be sort of a long rant and i don't really expect anyone to help or anything but somehow i feel like in real life i'm fell on deaf ears. i think i'm a bad guinea pig owner, not because i don't clean their cage or anything.. i clean their cage 2-3 times a week, and i feed them...
  8. GuineaPigNoob

    2 Guinea Pigs won’t get along!

    We used to have a guinea pig, but she got so lonely that we got another girl. Candy, the old one, was supposed to get along with Holly, the new one, but no. Holly litterly sticks her nose near Candy bottom and won’t stop after A MONTH. Candy is getting so annoyed and is biting Holly constantly...
  9. Preston

    Guinea Pig Eye Problem

    My girlfriend and I have had Aspen for 5ish months and have noticed she is a little reserved. Recently she stopped eating, and started sneezing a lot. We thought it was a cold and got her some medicine for it. Her sneezing has gotten better and she has started eating again, however now she is...
  10. B


    Hey people! I'm new to this. I have a question that I can't seem to find any answers on! What on earth is unlocking our guinea pigs hutch when we've gone to sleep at night? I am waking up and finding the door open each morning, luckily no vanished pigs! The locks are on the outside and are made...
  11. Livy

    Guinea Pig Health Help

    Hi, I noticed today that underneath my guinea pig's left eye it is a light pink color with more white showing than usual and it is a tiny bit watery. It does not seems to be bothering her at all and there is no crustiness or puffiness. Does anybody have an idea of what it is or has dealt with...